In the area of Prospect Education Petersburg regularly seen UFOs

June 16, 2012 0:13

A resident of the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg took video of an unidentified flying object. He claims that UFOs are often staying in the north of the city, but he does not believe the skeptics.

Internet was much discussion of the video, which was captured UFO strange shape. UFO eyewitness, who lives in a high-rise in the north of town, near the Avenue of Education, said that the aliens arrive in Vyborg area almost every day.

"In all of my previous commercials — this is the place. This camera is shooting in the dark is worse than meets the eye. But with my own eyes I saw it was always this UFO. Such form, as in this video — he and my previous commercials. By 100% this is the same object, "- said the witness.

Skeptics have thrown a page's scathing comments on video. They are convinced that this is a normal plane, but a lover of flying saucers bounces as you can.

"I've lived here all my life, and it is 24 years. If there were any airplane flight path — I would see them all the time. Believe me. I spent my life at night looking out the window and I know where the planes fly and what is not. Not to mention the acoustics. Yes, I have so what speakers that if something flies like a helicopter, it is not only heard, I have not even the windows rattle, even when the helicopter flies at a much greater distance and height, "- he said.

In April this year over Petersburg videotaped many UFOs. However, representatives of the Western Military District explained that the camera lens many witnesses were called light bombs — a target used for night training military pilots.

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