In the New Year Nizhegorodets saw UFO

January 12, 2012 2:27

Long remember 5-year New Year's Eve Artem K. 2012. And if you will be forgotten, remind the video, carefully made his father Oleg Vladimirovich.
Here they are next to a Christmas tree at home, open a bottle of champagne child. Clink to the beat of the Kremlin chimes and immediately go into the yard to burn firecrackers and fireworks, specifically stockpiled for this case.
 Artem whet match, Pope directs video camera to the sky, and suddenly — what is it? — "Little green men" came to congratulate the young citizens of Nizhny Novgorod!

— Synulya, look, that's a UFO! — Shouts joyful father, and he shoots, shoots, shoots a watershed event. — It should be the same, waited, finally, a grand visit!

"Plate" and actually hung above the yard in the Moscow region, where the father and son have photographed it from all angles.

— However, the hand of the voltage pumped up, began treacherously "walk" — complains Oleg. — You do not think it's not a ball writes zigzags, and my hand was trembling with excitement and anticipation …

But here's the UFO was gone — that's a shame! But then on the other side came another ball — a miracle and only!

— Here you probably say that this is a normal plane, and I disagree with you, — says an excited parent. — Where then the noise of engines, where the lights winked on the wings and tail? Therefore, you may argue, but this is a real UFO! Do not believe me — once again review the record!

We ourselves have reviewed and gave shooting senior lecturer in astronomy Novgorod Pedagogical University Alexei Kiselyov.

— I have to disappoint your readers. Over the Christmas and New Year's holidays brought us have probably a dozen or so of these videos, — explained the senior teacher. — All — ordinary Chinese lanterns, which are lit candle inside. Holiday, these are the men and run them.

Gregory Badin

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