In the skies over Kazan filmed UFO witnesses — photo, video

February 4, 2012 0:05

— Yesterday you talked with the aliens? And I'm talking to you! — Stunned me on the phone one Alex. — In the evening all the show.
And hung up. Taking this message for the next draw, I threw the conversation out of my head, but in the evening, watch the video much surprised.
On the video, which I had brought to show Alex, a small glowing dot in the night sky suddenly starts to move actively and flicker. And not just flicker and grow to the size of a giant sphere, around which the chaotic overflow glowing ring.

I went out to the balcony to smoke. At about half past one night. Look — a strange star. Moves. I said to her: "Come to me." She winked at me and swam — told me while watching the video Alex. — I am behind the camera in the room to run. Included. But his hands are shaking. Raised a point, but it turned out in that. It looks like a sphere. Once all flashing and it runs through some of the ring. Then the sphere collapses to a point and then turns into a ball. Hour shoot. Frozen whole, went into the house. After a while, went out again. And it is still in the sky. Another took off. Only this time on a tripod set to hand shake. I would know what that is?
— On the sunshine like — pointedly remarks my husband. — But why in the form of a circle?
So for arguments, what it could be, we conducted a comrade home. But 20 minutes later the phone rang:
— I spotted her again! — Happily has reported to us Alex. — If you look out the window, it's probably too see.
My husband and I rushed to the distillation of the window. In the sky with the naked eye, really, you could see a big star, which jumped from side to side. Even without special optics can be seen that the star turns from blue to rozovovatogo and white.

In the skies over Kazan filmed UFO witnesses
The next day Alex brought another video.
— This time I put the camera on a stand. Now easier to see that the field is constantly moving and shimmers. Three hours, I guess. Filmed. Intermittently — ran home to get warm. Then place on the flash over. Home leave.
Curiously, on the night of Monday to Tuesday that star nor my husband nor Alex has not seen. With the question "what can it be?" We went to Kazan Kosmopoisk.
— Us about the phenomenon is still not telling — replied specialists ufologists. — This place is the foundation. It dome-shaped plasma, which allows an object to fly. It is unlikely that this star. This can be regarded as an unidentified flying object. Will study.

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