In the skies over the Chelyabinsk settled unidentified flying saucer

January 22, 2013 21:26

This recording from a mobile phone. Here's a flying saucer with bright lights rapidly hurtling through the night sky. This picture is recognized by witnesses, they watch from the window of the second week of high-rise buildings. First extraterrestrial ambassadors chosen ice arena "Tractor" and after were to go all around the northwest.

What is it — UFO or alien invasion? Find the answers to these questions the witnesses were able to thanks to the World Wide Web. It turns out that a strange flying object launched into the sky young researchers. A mysterious dish — it geksakopter. Put simply, the apparatus for aerial photography.

Eugene Zyazev, pilot geksakoptora: "People react to it is ambiguous. When he was high — think it's a UFO. When near, very surprised. Ask "how this thing works?"

Ruslan Zukarnaev, eyewitness: "LEDs of different colors, and there were just the colors that people have seen on the alleged UFO. Far be it from us to UFO! Everything should have a logical explanation. That's it! "

Geksakopter-flying apparatus, which is capable of making high-quality photos and video from a bird's flight. Aeroustroystvom operated by two people. One with the remote device sends the desired height. Second — following the image quality on the monitor. Smart technology rotates, flashes and glows with all the colors of the rainbow. "It's lights to fly geksakopterom night. Only they can see it. And they are colorful in order to understand where is the front and which behind. He's all balanced. That is, the red rays — a front. A green — is back. "

Flying machine soars through the city, not for fun, but with the advantage. Geksokoptera use — is a cheaper alternative to moving images.

Anatoly Solovyev, videographer geksakoptora: "Long dreamed unusual angle to shoot from above, from the sky. And the opportunity. In the future we plan to work with various magazines, TV stations. "

Plans Chelyabinsk researchers create a series of videos of the sights and beauty of the Southern Urals. Thanks geksakopteru people see home town from a bird's flight.

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