In the village of Chernobyl for a bucket of water require a bucket of vodka

In evicted after the Chernobyl disaster and partly buried village Holoche Chechersk district left five houses. One of them — Basil and Mary Ganzhynyh. Vasily — disabled veteran, he was eighty-sixth Maria is six years younger than her husband. The old saying that they live in the future in Halochchy can not — can not already get a bucket of water from the well.

In the 90th year, when Holoche evicted, Ganzhyny had move to Minsk to her daughter, but did not go. Vasily was building up to this master, neat house set in a small river near Halochchy Prudovki. It was painful to leave it:

"And we were sorry to leave" home town type. "This is the first such house in our village. We are both in the country are."

For a long time, Basil and Mary kept the ordinary farmers. Even Pchelnik had. But the bees became extinct. Keep a cow and pig now no strength.

Family Ganzhynyh

"On the farm animals have a dog and two cats" — jokes veteran with a share of hopelessness.

Mrs. Mary especially complain that the water from the well to type them already difficult enough — without strength steel:

"A bucket of water is not able to bring together — have someone to ask. And ask — now know these" alcoholics "- should be a bottle. Yeah it a little — let's bucket."

Moreover, with age collapsed sump hook. Local authorities have promised to help with the repair, but did nothing:

"They promise a lot, but the months go by, the years go by — and nothing else. Least well done. He have been fenced, the hook was, it was nice to carry water. All razlamalasya. Steels promise. Was one such village council chairman with Rovkavichav. Chairman of this came and looked, "Well, we will help." A month has passed, he sends a letter. You know what: We have no money. Do you want to do well — make their own money. "

Older want to hold on until the autumn and the winter are going to go to the daughter of the capital. Can do it, because no health.

About the new nuclear power plant, which has built the Belarusian authorities in the Astraviec area, Mrs. Maria says:

"We should not — we are already patrutsilisya. Here and so widely spoken: radiation, radiation. So why do we have another station to do?"

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