In the West Kazakhstan UFO raise from the bottom of the Urals

July 22, 2012 8:28

In late January this year, the media has shocking information that near the village Rubezhka deep ice of the Ural River and fell down a UFO.

Jan. 27 one of the rangers found in the river, a few hundred. meters from the village, quite unusual and I can even say — strange hole in the ice. The ice on the river was broken as if it failed under something very huge and rasskalennoe, and many large blocks of ice were melted at the edges. The residents of the village the night before, in the sky above the village saw a beautiful and bright — a glowing ball.

Disaster specialists who came to the place, took samples of water from open water and declared that any alleged microorganisms until they nebylo detected. Background radiation in the area was also normal. However, most locals believe that there was something unusual and would like very much to all of them believed. CSR experts, apparently, also intend to clarify this issue to the end. In August Rubezhku be organized travel professionals. The water in the Urals to this point will reach its minimum level, and very soon, we will be able to see everything, is there anything on the bottom in the same mysterious place, or is another trick someone …

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