In the zoo, Ust-Kamenogorsk observe rare phenomenon — began to gain local flamingo pink

January 20, 2013 21:52

In the zoo, Ust-Kamenogorsk experts observed a rare phenomenon — local flamingos Shary began to gain the famous pink color, the press office of mayor of the city.

Flamingo pink color began to gain

Filka about the history of the regional center of East Kazakhstan contacted the media, when at the end of 2011 it was found in the forest.

As for the upcoming 2012 wounded bird in the snow found a teacher from the taiga village cross. Apparently, a flock of flying to China, but due to the unusually warm, lingering autumn mistakenly stopped at the pond. When the frost hit, birds kept going. And because of the cold and snow storms ebbed, fall …

Foundling winter spent in quarantine. Experts do not make predictions, he was very weak. But the care and concern did the trick. Shary, so called bird children recovered fully grown.

The subsequent fate of a rare bird in our region engaged professionals Levoberezhny ethnographic and natural landscapes, located in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Adopting a very young flamingos are a responsible attitude to it, however, as to all other pets. Southern wanderer among the townspeople immediately became a favorite.

— Now about 1 Shary with little at this time of flamingos start to gain color, which depends on proper nutrition. So try — the director Nikolai Zaitsev Levoberezhny ethnographic and natural landscapes. — In the summer we catch him a fish, crustaceans. In winter, he was supposed to 1 kilogram of shrimp, shredded carrots. All this must be mandatory for color.

In addition, eating chopped finely minced fish, earthworms, especially for him on the banks of the river tear the grass, give salted water.

Flamingo pink color began to gain

What Shary began to gain color — is the result of proper care.

By nature he is very sociable, talking with everyone. When very happy, even tries to fly … But still it's a little sad … Because flamingos live in packs, so foundling weary solitude.

— We hope that our lonely Shary will remain, these birds live and breed well in captivity. We are looking for him a couple — said Nikolai Zaitsev. — We have great families live swans, cranes, wild geese. Moreover, we even peacocks children already sent to other zoos.

Flamingo pink color began to gain

Some people claim that it is the flamingo bird of happiness. See it — good luck. Apparently, she did not pass Ust-Kamenogorsk citizens, because in time for summer, the opening of the season in the zoo, Shary must obtain full color.

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