In Tver anomalous zone nearly killed two people

September 28, 2012 11:39

Recently, the Internet appeared the story of a young man and his girlfriend, driving anomalous zone "Black Swamp" (Rzhev), first lost consciousness, and then witnessed the fireball.



— When we passed Tver and were driving through the Black Swamp, I strongly felt dizzy, and I lost consciousness. When I came to, the first thing I saw — it was Vick, leaned over me, — says the young man. — I gingerly got to his feet and began to look around, our motorcycle was lying in a ditch, in front was one swamp, and behind the forest.
How did they get here, the young people do not remember. Before they come down, I heard a whistle. Turning around, they saw them approaching fast fireball.

— I quickly went into the grass and said Vick does not move, a little lightning circled over us and flew off into the woods. Then I lost consciousness again. I woke up screaming. Vick was screaming, she ran to me and waved her arms.
It turns out, she again saw a fireball. And, indeed, she again decided to visit guests anomalous zone. The young man decided to attack the zipper and threw a stone at her. There was a very loud explosion.
— I quickly grabbed Vick's hand and we ran to the motorcycle. An hour later, we left the road. Thank God, we survived.

Black Swamp (Rzhev): Possible anomalous place in the southern city of Rzhev, Tver region, where there is now a UFO. The name was given to this place no later XIX century, when people disappear, going to the bog for cranberries. Fear of this marsh was so great that the rumors "seeded" his features.
Currently swamp completely dry, partly built up, partly turned into a wasteland. As noted leader of the group "Rjev Kosmopoisk" Dmitry Belousov, appearing above the city is almost inevitable UFO flying over the Black Marsh, or there, or there. Research on the place and the observations of UFOs engaged group "Rjev Kosmopoisk."

Andrew Dobronravov

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