In Vitebsk, paid tribute to the victims of the Minsk bombing

The funeral was held the Company's share in Vitebsk, where once there was a sign of "zero kilometer" carried away during the restoration of the Victory Square. About six hundred people came here with candles and flowers — some placed flowers on the curb near the fountain, the other down into the underpass, where it was quieter than the wind. Some of the girls were crying, someone brought a small plyakatsiki with the words "It is our misfortune" and "fond memory".

Candles in the underpass

A minute of silence

"It is our misfortune" and "fond memory"

The rally observed police uniformed and plain clothes, as well as the guys in black jackets with walkie-talkies — "headphones". Neither the city nor the regional authorities at the event was not even on the official websites was announced that a memorial service will be held 17:56.

This action, like yesterday, was zapachtkavanaya members of a social network. Unexpected for them was a message on the website Urban Youth Union organizations that share memory will hold it "beeresemavtsy." After commenting outraged readers information on how to "beeresemavtsy" allegedly initiated the creation of a "makeshift memorial" Belarusian Republican Youth Union removed from the site.

Funeral shares were also held in Orsha and Polotsk, they also gathered several hundred people.

Funeral action in Orsha


Vitebsk, subway

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