In Vitebsk, still searching for a laboratory with explosives

In the case of the explosion in the Minsk metro on April 11 arrested are new, and the Belarusian television broadcast the news about the results of their homes as a "laboratory" where allegedly carried explosives. But Vitebsk police are still looking for something on the dungeons.

The search for "lab with explosives" to still underway in the five-storey building on Repin Street, where they lived arrested in the attack. Local resident talks about what he saw:

"Shmonayut" that arch 20 people there wasOnly one of the witnesses, the police come in large lot … They say someone found a poster in the shed suspect — apparently, someone with a portrait of the politicians, so too frightened into a car. Of that house people said that all were forced to open and display all. "

Neighbors detainees say that in general the dungeons did not notice anything suspicious, and in private coils allocated for each apartment, one can hardly develop any "lab". The coils are small, some no light, all the rooms are damp and dirty.

In general, many residents of Vitebsk do not trust the official information that really caught the perpetrators of the terrorist attack. Doubt is the fact that the detainees confessed to the bombings of Vitebsk in 2005. If you guys are really committed the crimes, and found them just now, it is an indication of poor police work, convinced a neighbor:

"So, people are engaged until sometime will not get. And they are not afraid of anything, because vykryvalnasts crimes — low! And they currently live quiet, normal life, and they are not difficult to do!"

Crime prevention is actively engaged right now — when the worst has already happened. In Vitebsk schools are waiting for checks of educational work in the vocational training system — two arrested men have finished vocational school — the prosecutor's office has already completed the test. The results showed that a low level of crime prevention — Students steal and rob them detain intoxicated, recorded antisocial behavior in families.

As for Families of detainees in the terrorist attack, they are now in Vitebsk not. On the Internet there is information that they allegedly "taken to an unknown destination men in civilian clothes." Contact with the mother of one of the boys managed to on the phone and she said that she is in the interrogation:

"You know, you call me back. Now I'm an investigator."

Later, talk with Mrs. failed — she threw up. A conversation with the journalist did not agree and wife of another Vitebsk Man, who is accused of is that he helped to make bombs:

I have a month and I do not want to raise their nerves …

"No, what I do not answer the question. I understand that it's close to me, but I have to talk about it … So now I have not the state, to talk to someone: I have a month and I do not want to raise their nerves. "

With the latest information on the Internet is known that in the case of the terrorist attack on April 11 have been arrested and older brother of one of the first detainees. Official information until the investigation does not give the names of those who are accused and suspect, also does not name.

At Vitebsk enterprises and institutions carry out preventive conversations that employees do not spread rumors, and do not share information about the detainees with outsiders.

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