India catching robots predictors of future

May 28, 2012 19:10



NEW DELHI, May 28. Itar-Tass. Fixated on their own horoscopes Indians increasingly become aware of the future of … robots predictors.
They appear in more and more focus on innovation and technological progress of India, where domestic programmers and engineers in the electronics people gave social order — more robots "astrologers." They had almost managed to organize mass production in the south to the city of Bangalore, which is considered "e-capital" of the country. But upon closer inspection of the mechanical "prophet" may suffer disappointment. It turns out that they are made in handicraft workshops, and these machines are far from a miracle of technical progress. But, nevertheless, they "polyglot" — can speak five languages of India.

 At the stuffing they have lots of unsystematic svetoidov, watches and audio outputs to the headphones. Anyone wishing to learn about the future can do so for a fee of Rs 5/10 U.S. cents /. Just enter the data on the machine itself — the time and place of birth, and to choose the language in which you wish to hear briefly what awaits you on the path of life, or on its segment. Forecast for the robot meets the processor and the software is very vague origin. But it seems to have developed a brilliant technician. The predictions of such inanimate "Astrology" was so to the point and so popular, that the Indians are constantly treading water in these machines and serious heed to the word "astrology".
As a result, a good benefit are the owners of these robots, each of which can bring revenue to the owner of 150-300 dollars a month.

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