Individual entrepreneurs against the initiative of the National Bank

The National Bank of Belarus has removed restrictions on the dollar for businesses. Until now, the OTC market rate could deviate from the official by only 10%. The first alternative trading market to determine the exchange rate will be held next week. It is assumed that he may be about 3900 rubles per dollar. How will this affect the activities of individual entrepreneurs, as well as the purchasing power of consumers?

Alexander Taustyka

Minsk businessman Alexander Taustyka believes that the National Bank is not aimed at supporting small businesses. Also, it will have a positive impact on the economic situation in the country, he said:

"If we talk about entrepreneurs, we do not have the enterprise and if this situation and touch, you never know what side. After all, it is in our country and to our business for the first time. But I believe that such a solution can not be a positive regulator of the financial market of Belarus. For we know that has taken various directives, decrees, orders, and it had no effect on the good economic situation in the country. Market be free. "

Victor Kryval

The initiative of the National Bank Entrepreneur Victor Kryval describes the basis for the creation of an additional nevparadkavanastsi the foreign exchange market:

"There is a word" torn ": Now, there are instances when one considers the dollar by 3500, one on 3800, and someone in the 6400 — especially in terms of spare parts for foreign cars. So this is a very good opportunity to "fish in troubled waters." And this is clearly illustrated in what position actually turned our state. "

Alyaksanadr Makaev

One of the leaders of the movement of entrepreneurs Alexander Makaev convinced that the free exchange market for businesses turn increase the prices of goods for consumers:

"Many small businesses now rely on major commodities trading businesses. Accordingly appears several courses — as well as who is able to provide and purchase. So the situation can be called a transitional period for the official devaluation. If the value of the dollar will be higher, and the market value of the dollar will be higher. And for the public commodity prices rise. Respectively — the standard of living of Belarusians will change for the worse. "

Anatoly Shumchanka

The leader of the social organization of entrepreneurs "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka suggests that government initiatives in the economy to support small businesses.

"I do not understand how our business in the near future will work, as this decision is in no way a positive impact on us. What's more — there still is a question of fact that will primarily address the needs of importers, which will bring in essential commodities. According to our surveys, 83% of small businesses — are entrepreneurs, importers who supply goods from CIS countries, Turkey and China. Can you imagine the burden placed on businesses in terms of currency risk in connection with the purchase of foreign currency. This decision shows that the state private biznes "to the light. '"


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