Instead, Lukashenko Belarusian delegation in Kiev led Vashenko

Alexander Lukashenko did not go to an international conference of donor countries, which took place in Kyiv with the participation of European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso. His visit to Kiev Barroso led to a lack there of Alexander Lukashenko. The Belarusian delegation at the event in Kiev to mark the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident led the Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Vashenko.

At an international donors conference to raise funds for a new shelter over the fourth block of Chernobyl with Jose Manuel Barroso Alexander Lukashenko did not go. Official information about what the Belarusian president will go to the next international conference "25 years after the Chernobyl disaster. Safety for the Future" to be held April 20-22 in Kiev unavailable. Earlier official Minsk insisted that Lukashenko received an official invitation to the conference in December last year and certainly it will come. Now no such certainty.

Yet we know that in Kiev brings together leaders of five countries: Hungary, Kazakhstan, Poland, Croatia, Switzerland, the leaders of the UN, the IAEA, the EBRD. The Belarusian delegation headed by the Minister in Kiev emergencies Vladimir Vashchenko. The press secretary of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Vitaly Novitsky:

"The minister is already there. Moreover, there representatives from other departments: the Department of gidrametearalegii, the head of our department aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, the Institute of Radiology …"

Chairman of the European Commission, which has sponsored the conferences and spending on construction of a new sarcophagus over the fourth block of Chernobyl 110 million euro, Jose Manuel Barroso did not want to run an event in Kiev with the Belarusian ruler. And Ukraine has taken diplomatic steps to dissolve Barroso and Lukashenko says Kiev journalist Mikhail Beletsky:

"Well, the trouble here has helped. Believe that the formal reason for the attack was coming Lukashenko in Minsk."

if you have to choose between Lukashenko and Mr Barroso, you should give preference to Barroso …

According to Bielecki, Barroso's visit is very important for Ukraine, which is seeking associate membership in the European Union and the European Commission expects to help in building a new "sarcophagus" at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

"Speaking purely utilitarian, even though it sounds correctly when you have to choose between Lukashenko and Mr Barroso, you need to be registered Barroso. Regarding invitation or nezaprashennya Lukashenko, it is rather a moral issue."

Minsk analyst Andrei Fedorov believes that the problem of "how to breed Barroso and Lukashenko" was solved by diplomatic means:

Andrei Fedorov

"And, in my opinion, is that there was a terrorist attack, also contributed. Moreover, the 21st, the day after, he delivered a message, and between these events vtsiskvats this trip to Kiev would be inconvenient."

Andrei Fedorov believes that Barroso's nothing personal against Lukashenko. His unwillingness to meet with the Belarusian leader is due to the negative attitude of the EU towards the December elections, which allowed Lukashenko to retain power and to tight wave of repression that began in Belarus after them.

However, there is the probability of participation in the summit of A. Lukashenko at Chernobyl on April 26, with the participation of leaders of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

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