Integrated simulator Transas installed in the training center’s Black Sea Fleet

Experts of the company "Transas" set simulator "Bridge 2000" at the training center of Black Sea Fleet. The simulator will allow for training of military specialists in the field of navigation.

Integrated simulator installed in the training center, has a maximum configuration: it consists of the command bridge with the projection system of visualization and three small bridges of ships of Task Force. The library of models of ships simulator included the major projects of surface ships of the Russian Navy.

Simulator "Bridge 2000" produced by the company "Transas" is designed to prepare the calculation PCG-BEEP-navigator (the main command post — combat information center — navigator) in the field of navigation and to ensure navigation safety, as well as for testing the interaction of specialists command and battle stations ship.

"The Bridge 2000 "is a one of a kind serial simulator for surface ships at the disposal of the Russian Navy, and providing training to date, — Vladimir Barkov, chief designer of simulation systems ZAO "Transas". — The system has passed all tests, was adopted by the supply in 2004 and over the past 8 years annually ordered and shipped to the Russian Navy. "

Today the complex simulators "Bridge 2000" with all of the Russian naval schools and training centers of the Northern and Black Sea fleets. Since 2004, it was established 10 such simulators for 2012 is planned another delivery to the training center of the Northern Fleet.

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