Interview with Rabbi Abe Finkelstein of the Jewish control of the world

Zionist Rabbi Abe Finkelstein

How so?

Due to the absolutely shocking material presented in this interview, the question arises — how is it that such an explosive anti-Semitic, and information was provided by none other than as a rabbi, and a senior who knows the intricacies and details that are not available even to ordinary Jews?

He has that — the head is wrong to say such things for which Sio-Nazis to kill, especially when you consider that this rabbi — not just any ordinary rabbi, and the rabbi of Chabad — the ultra conservative sect that rules the world, according to Eduard Hodos — a Jew, and not just some sort of an ordinary Jew, and the only Jew in history, that the Lubavitcher Rebbe — Menachem Mendel Schneerson, known among members of this sect as moshiyah — Jewish «Messiah», personally presented two Lubavitcher dollar Schneerson picture instead of the president?

And to say it all in clear and in the open air, where many people will be able to hear all of this with my own ears? Why? And who is all this necessary? What is this — some kind of joke? Why tease «goyim» and insult them in the open? And what a result of all of this can go and what it could even in principle? What does all this really is not a standard CuO-Nazi provocation aimed at only be carnage and chaos, as you can see in real time all over the world with all these «colored», «revolution» and the economic and political «crisis» ?

Is it possible that the rabbi of this level as the guest of the program acted like some idiot, revealing the most intimate secrets of the murderous and crazy level?

— No — it is simply impossible. Otherwise he would have been killed even before the end of the program!

So what’s the deal? — A simple. The fact is that the CuO-Nazi control of the world is in its final stage. First — they simply have nothing to fear and no one at this point, because everyone and everything — purchased at the root and belongs to them.

The fact is that what the Rabbi says in this interview, most likely done to provoke widespread discontent, looting, destruction and carnage. To white and all other races began to destroy each other — standard scheme CuO-Nazis — you’ll destroy themselves while they rub their bloody hands and acquire enormous profits on all of this.

Plus — it’s time to thin out the herd of the goyim, that is, all non-Jews, which they have as cattle, as the Rabbi states clearly. Otherwise, they will eat all the resources on the «holy» books of CuO-Nazis, in fact belong to the «God-chosen» people, and temporarily kept by the «goyim.»

Here you have the whole story … Or is there another option? What?


I would like to welcome you to the program, John 8:44. I Wikstrom James (James Wickstrom), a teacher of the Lord Yahweh is coming to you live on the network radio Turner for the next hour from nine to 10 pm Eastern time, filling in for Pastor Bob, who replaced me last week.

We will have a very interesting program today. I am sure that you will agree that this is so. I have a guest rabbi named Abe Finkelstein. He is on the east coast of the United States, who is going to join me tonight, and we’re going to talk about the authenticity of the things in the world.

Rabbi Abe Finkelstein, as I said, the rabbi of the East Coast of the United States. Oh, oh.

Question:Are you with me tonight?

Answer:Shalom, I am here.

Question:Say, listen, oh, oh, I substitute here Pastor Bob tonight, and I know we have never met, but I have some very interesting questions for you, I think it matters. I want to give you a chance to answer, because there are a lot of rumors and speculation around the country related to the Jewish population, okay?


Question:So, you see, as a representative of the synagogue and the Jewish race teacher because, as you race, is not it?

Answer:Well, some say that we race, some say we are a religion.

Question:Yes, but what do you say?

Answer:Well, a little bit of one and the other.

Question:Haha, I can imagine, yes. Now, I want some insight into the difficult topics from the start, ah, ah. You know, a very bright person among your people, and of course, you know, and you are very well aware that you do not like, as well as your race, OK. I’m sure you know this, right?

Answer:Hey, it’s your own problem.

Holocaust of six million Jews

Question:You see, there is a big topic, what’s going on with regard to the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust, which took place during the Second World War, in Buchenwald, Auschwitz and other places. We have here a lot of information on this subject, Rabbi Finkelstein, that its all a myth, and this is not more than a hypothesis. Can I get your opinion on this?

Answer:Well, everyone knows that the Jews have never lied in the history of the world. However, whether six million 600 thousand or 60 thousand. It’s just a number.

Question:Oh, it’s just a number, but, however, that I want is to bring to your attention, as you know, in 1934 the World Encyclopedia was told that there were only three and a half million Jews in Europe. So that’s how the three and a half million Jews bred to six million? I want you to answer this question.

Answer:Well, it’s certainly a good question, no doubt. But the number of, you know, just a number, what can I say about the numbers. But the main thing is that Jews have been persecuted throughout the world’s history, and to this day.

Even when we were lying, we speak the truth!

Question:The fact is that the reason that they are being persecuted — it is because they are thieves, liars and murderers, as stated in John 8:44. However, you.

Answer:[Interrupting] All these Biblical stuff.

Question:You — the Jewish liar, that’s who you are. You — the Jewish liar!

Answer:Hey, yes, I may say so, but even when we lie we tell the truth!

Question:Ha ha. You know, it’s very ironic because, you know, I never thought I would be able to get hold of somebody who’d had the audacity to join me on my program, live on air, and, and, you know, I just come out of the program with a retired colonel, who is very much of medals on my last transmission on the radio, on my own radio show here, Rabbi Finkelstein, and we discussed the aspect of banking and money in this country. So, all the many people who have studied banking and economy — they know that the Federal Reserve is a private Jewish bank. Is this true?

Answer:Ah, well — yes and no

Question:Well, how much — is not it?

Answer:Well, that is a financial institution, for sure.

Question:You see, I do not like this, is the fact that the Jew never knew what hard work, and they never knew, and, besides, you know, that this is interesting is the fact that you Jews just killers of Christ, as if there was not.

Answer:Yes — it’s true. We killed him, but he was also a Jew.

Question:Oh, no, he was an almighty Yahweh embodied in flesh and body. That’s the problem, you will get.

Answer:Well, we say to all Gentiles, that they worship a Jew, and they believe in it, so what’s the difference?

Goi — is cattle

Question:And now that you have raised the question of goyah, we should talk about this. In other words, the goyah, correct me if I’m wrong. I know you will. Rabbi Finkelstein, a goy is any person who is not a Jew. Goi is classified as cattle and animals. Is this true?

Answer:Well, they’re OK — cattle, because we elect people.

Question:You see, you have been chosen as a fertilizer. Here is what you have chosen. You know, this is what was said in the book of Enoch, the patriarch. Yagova even in the flesh of the body, to say that all you Jews that [3-4 words illegible] will die for the evil you have done in this world. You — it’s destroyers and arsonists in the world, is not it?

Answer:Oh, I agree.

Question:But if you see what I’m worried about, does not bother me so much that I lose sleep because of people like you, is the fact that all wars were created by Jews. All of them were isolated for pecuniary gain. Is not it?

Answer:This is — the greatest game in the world — to make a few shekels [Israeli currency].

George Bush — goy, he’s a good boy

Question:Ha ha. Now, let me ask you, you know, there are so many things to say about George Bush and the White House. Let me get your opinion about George Bush and the White House.

Answer:He’s a good goy.

Question:You always use a good goyim. Good for [interrupting].

Answer:He’s a good boy. He receives orders from Ariel — there, and he tells him what to do, and he takes as a good goy.

Massacre in Palestine and Iraq

Question:Do you agree that when the Balfour Declaration was signed in England, and the Jews were sent to Palestine, the land of Palestine, do you agree or disagree that there actually was more kills, and Jews in Palestine was committed as much carnage and killings of Palestinians, as in Iraq, the Iraqi people were slaughtered in the last twelve years?

Answer:So what? Who counted them? From time to time it is necessary prorezhat herd. When you are the owner of the herd, you need to reduce the herd.

Question:I see, I see. It is the philosophy of making money and stay alive and stay ahead. Is this correct? Now I would like [interrupts]

Answer:And how? Take for example all of these things out there in Iraq. We have a white goyim fighting with other Gentiles, and they kill each other, and we do a lot of this money, and we get the oil, and we have interest — most important — is the interest on the shekel, we give a loan to both parties.

Question:You mean usury?

Answer:It is. You call this usury.

Question:Now, you know, there’s a book you’ve read, Rabbi Finkelstein called the Talmud. Now, the Talmud says about Jesus, his mother was a whore, and he’s a bastard son of a Roman soldier. Is not this what is taught in the synagogues?

Answer:Well, every good Jew knows it.

Question:But do you see the reason why I wanted to ask you about it, you know, you just said a while ago that he was a Jew. And now you say, every Jew knows that he was the son of a Roman soldier, and his mother was a prostitute.

Answer:Well, that was a long time ago. Who knows what was said at the time.

The Federal Reserve — the seizure of cash machines in the U.S.

Question:Ha ha. Yes, I think it’s right, it’s absolutely correct. As you know, we have a very bad problem in our country. There is a lot of outsourcing of jobs and deindustrialization of the country. You know — the seven Jewish banking families who control the money in the United States since 1913 —Rothschilds of London, Israel Schiff from Italy, Germany, Kuhn and Loeb, Warburg in Hamburg, Leyman Brothers (Lehman Brothers) in New York, Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sax) from New York City and the Rockefellers of New York.

Many people do not understand and do not know what those seven Jewish families actually control all the money and manage money in this country since 1913. I know that you know about it.


Question:So, I mean, that’s what makes them a fairly large purse, right?

Goyim [Gentiles] — Slappy is to do all the work

Answer:Look, you know, this, this, Goi — it Schleper (schleppers) [clumsy or stupid people]. See, they do all the work. This is what they want to do. They always want jobs. Thus, we give them jobs to work. Jews do not work.

Scam of Holocaust survivors

Question:So, the Jews do not work, and you are absolutely right. I want to return to the Holocaust, and I want to go back to the Holocaust survivor, you know. This is just the place, Rabbi FinkelsteinThere are more people who survived the Holocaust and receiving money, receiving payments than the Jews, who claimed to have been killed during the Holocaust.Where did all these people come from?

Answer:Well, again, you know, they have the evidence, they have evidence that they were there in the Holocaust, so they have the right to receive the money.

Question:So, in other words, you, the Jews, say, six million killed in the concentration camps, and there are six million who continue to receive funds from Germany and other sources of funding, and now it’s twelve million. Now,how is it that there were twelve million of the three million?

Answer:Look, again, the numbers. You continue to argue about numbers. The bottom line is that Jews have the right, for we chased thousands and thousands and thousands of years, and we have the right. Even a hundred years people will be receiving money for the Holocaust. Because of those of lousy boy — Hitler there. He was a bad boy.

America has fulfilled its purpose

Question:Now, let me ask you a question about it, because this is very important. You know, we discussed a lot of very interesting things, and we’re going to discuss this more in the near future, however, Rabbi Finkelstein, this country, the United States, is now in dire straits financially, and as though I want to know what you talk about it to other Jews, I mean, because I know that the Jews do not have loyalty to anything but gold and silver, especially gold. What is taught in American synagogues today, as to where this country is going?

Answer:Well, that’s how. You know, America has served its purpose. For a long while we were doing here, these shekels. We have amassed a lot of interest in the local currency. But we can get cheaper labor in China, we can get cheaper labor in India. Why do we have to pay money to the goyim white race here in America, where we can make a better deal with those? It’s all about NIS.

Question:You know, I want to talk about the local currency and interest, and all the rest, and it is very interesting that you mention it, because I noticed that there is a lot of investment Jewish financiers in Asia, and most of Asia. I also know that the Jews — is the Asian race. Is this correct?

Answer:Understand where we are — the whole world, but, yes, I think we can say that we have started in Asia.

Question:Yes, it is [slaughtered]

Answer:[Continues, Indistinct] in all of China.

Our god Lucifer

Question:It’s true. So, there Hibru began, the Israelis were not started. You really do not have anything to do with Jews or Israelis. You do not stray people [unintelligible words like «poor on»] of the tribes of Jacob and [illegible words like «nicknamed Israh»]. In fact, a fraud that you have done in this country and around the world, for many years, and it was a good scam, it was a good game in the fraud — is the fact that you supposedly chosen people.

Answer: «Hey, we ARE God’s chosen people.
Just most of the Jews do not like to admit it,
but our God — is Lucifer. «

We like to do work Gentiles, and we — were walking on the sideboard

Question:Ha ha. Your god — GOLD!

Answer:Yeah, well, we like it so much gold, many shekels, several American Express cards (American Express), you know. We love to spend money, and we love to hang out. We like to do the goyim work, and we had fun.

Question:Oh, in other words, free of foreign aid, free housing, free food, and you just want others to race your cattle and slaves from the goyim. Is not it?

Answer:This is what they want, so we let them have it.

Question:And this is what is planned and occurs in this country, too, is not it, in the United States.

The destruction of the U.S.

Answer:Well, here in this country, we are going to [unintelligible, like «round up»] this country. We import all Mexicans and Hispanics across the border. They cross, especially with a lot of white women, shiksa (shikses) as we call them, and they with them crossing. Pretty soon there will be a white race, everyone will be brown.

Question:And if we talk about race, you race, Rabbi Finkelstein, but at times you [inaudible] 57 Mongolian [inaudible] of race, Asian blood, is that correct?

Women love diamonds, so we give them to them as payment for sex with them

Answer:You see, there are Jews in the world, we had to multiply all the good looking women in every country where we have not got. All the beautiful women, all they are interested in, it is that we bought a few diamonds, not that they deserve it. We cheat their price on the street [in retail] many times. Let it be known the truth — we have so many diamonds that if we lose some sort of diamond, we can buy them for the same price as a dozen noses.

But the women they love diamonds, they love the person [unintelligible]. So we give them the diamonds to form [unintelligible], and we agree to meet with him, and we have sex with them, and sometimes we get married to them because it does not matter, because once we do, and we want poimeem divorce, we just go to one of our fellow judges — the Jews in order to get a divorce. We have a Jewish lawyer, and she will have to hire a lawyer who is also a Jew. Hey, she can not get to us any shekels, but it can try.

About 9/11

Question:Let me ask you. This is very interesting. This war in Iraq, which took place after the alleged attack on the tower in 2001, and in September 2001, this alleged war, a very interesting, in these towers were no Jews. Can you explain this?

Answer:You see, there is spiritual in the towers were many Jews.

Question:Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Answer:Many Jews died in the towers, spiritually.

Question:Oh, I see, it was 3,000 Jews who were not at work that day in those towers. It’s just created the impression among many people that the Jewish population there in Jew York, I mean New York, knew that something would happen, and they did not come to work that day.

Answer:Yeah, we got a call from Kehily (Kehilla) [community, quasi-state authority in the Jewish communities of the Middle Ages] that Ariel and some of the boys from the Mossad. They came together, and they did the wiring in these buildings [mined] and they had stopped them. It was pretty hard for them to cover, in any event, because we wanted to build a number of new structures, and buildings are aging, and it’s time to fill them. Thus, we make a few shekels, destroying the buildings. Oh, Silverman (Silverman) [unintelligible] was a good friend. They have Larry. He received a two-for, he got two for one, and he doubled the insurance, as if by magic, just three months before it happened, and he got a double benefit [?] On it, so he made four times its money.

I had to be involved in this transaction. He asked me, but I said: Oh, I have to think about it. It took me too much time, so I think about it, and they are said to have pulled the plug, and inundated the buildings. But at least I got to [of the Exchange] market and I sold, I sold American Airlines, I sold United Airlines, I sold insurance company Lloyd’s of London, because for them it was a big hit, the insurance company Alliance (Alliance) [ ?] I sold them too.

So I made a few shekels.

Question:Well, let me ask you this. There is a lot of speculation on this subject. You know, I know that the Jews are thieves and liars of any moral society. Now, I want to thank you for what you have decided today to talk to me, because I know that the Jews have no conscience, and Rabbi Finkelstein, it does not matter what I say. It bounce off you like water off a duck, is not it?

Answer:You see, the Jews always feel guilty. We have always felt guilty. We have a conscience.

The only conscience you have — this is when you can not steal the money, who everything else or do what some of the state

Question:Only you have a conscience, it’s when you can not steal all the money from someone or from any country.

Answer:Yes, you hit a little close to home, but you’re right.

Question:Now a lot of food labels, is «U» and «K». These U and K on all the labels, for example, that are sold in supermarkets, etc. Is this a Jewish tax that would be paid as rabbis like you, throughout the United States? Is not this another form of fraud by non-Jews and the masses who buy this product?

You have the right to make money wherever they can make money

Answer:Well, I was not involved in this version, but yes, it’s a lot of other rabbinical groups. They oblogayut tax food, and you could call it a tax. You see, you have a right to make money on that, on what you can earn money. If nobody stops you, you make money.

Yes, but the Gentiles, I mean that they are cattle. White race where else — they are goyim, they are cattle. And so if we want to make money on feeding our cattle, who can say that this is not right?

Question:Well, let me ask you, what is your biggest fear of the people, which you have in the trade unions Gogh [unclear, perhaps the synagogue], Rabbi Finkelstein that for you the greatest fear that the Jews, as such, have the East Coast ?

Answer:Well, the worst thing is if we continue to hang around, or all friends there, at the Federal Reserve, Allen, Allen there, he’s going to pull the plug on this U.S. dollar, and we want to make sure that are positioning in the Swiss franc, the euro, the Japanese ene, or something like that, before it happens.

We got a call from Kehily (Kehilla) [community Kagan]. We eliminate now, little by little. Several other non-Jews who are good, and which have been paid for as shabes goyim. Bill Gates, the man from the office computer. And Warren Buffett. They both came out of the U.S. dollar, oh yeah, oh, about a year or so ago. We call them, you know, to eliminate. We, however, we are still sitting on the dollar. So we have amassed some additional interest, because they are out of the market. They themselves have a lot of shekels.

Question:I see that you, the Jews, finally captured the National Rifle Association (National Rifle Association), a Jew by the name of Sandra Perelman (Sandra Perelman) [unintelligible seem Foman] is currently the president of the National Rifle Association.

Answer:Well, yes, but we could be a long time NRA. Charlton Heston (Charlton Heston), he’s not very well known, but yes, he’s a nice Jewish boy. We give it to play Moses in the movie, back in the fifties.

Yes, but we trample down the NRA long ago. All organizations, no matter where it was, a Jew, to control them. Everyone knows that.

If there seems to be any opposition, you will manage it

Question:You know, I read in your Talmud, which says that if you have any opposition, you will manage this opposition.

Answer:Well, yes, of course. This is the smartest hold both sides in any game. So, you know the result. We have Republicans, we have democracy. We have a lot of nice Jewish boys from both of them, and the rest of them are good, bought and paid shabes goyim, and we throw a few shekels in their funds and campaigns, we give them, and the Jewish lobby in Israel, and they, you know They take the money, and they do what we want, we could amass a few shekels.

If this does not stop anyone who can say that we should not do it. Would you like to do so too? You do not do this, we do it.

Question:Yes, but you are thieves and liars, you know you’re all thieves and liars, as it says in John 8:44. But you see, Rabbi Finkelstein, you do not own me, and you have no control, and you do not control the movement of racial identity in this country who really understand, to varying degrees, who you really are and what you have done .

Answer:Yes, it’s true. You are one of the goyim we have no control over, but I’ll tell you a little about one another. We all respect you for what you do, at least you’re talking about your race. But the rest of them out there — they are all just a bunch of cowards, all the goyim white race, all men.

Most of them — they are, they are bags and they wear earrings. Not surprisingly, all the white girls come to us, all shiksa (shikses).

Question:You know, I had a conversation here, not long ago, with one person, and the question has come about feminist and homosexual agenda in the United States, and I told them that I really sexist, homosexual agenda was actually created and funded Jewry , Jews in the United States. Well, you would like you to discuss this topic?

Women’s rights movement

Answer:Yes, we organized this in the early 1900s. Women’s rights movement we have created. You see, you need to think about the game, and you have to think about the target. You can not just go for a break as a tank Sherman (Sherman) goes through something. You have to start with a small. And we said, hey, how about to get your people to pay for equal work. Oh, and have your voice. And bought it. And we started with women because men get harder. Women — are the weaker sex, as we know from your old stories of Adam and Eve.

But, like everything else, we made women, and now look at all the women. Almost all of them around the world, especially here in America, they have short hair, they have shvatser (schwatzer) their guy, they have a mistress lesbian women. They married when they were forty, but they can not have too many small children, because they have destroyed the years in pursuit of the almighty gold, dollars, shekels, and they, therefore, they will end by the fact that they will be a bunch of old maids that are not needed.

But the point is that that the most beautiful of them, we will take to Hollywood, which we own, and we make them think [balance supply not legible].

Question:Clearly, well, Rabbi Finkelstein, you know, I talked to you about the use of the mark and food. And what I want to [find out], it is that it is a special Jewish tax that people pay, suspecting nothing, is not it?

Answer:You see, some know it and some do not. But they had better pay, because if they will not pay, they do not receive the goods, and the rabbis must also amass few shekels.

Question:You know, I was talking to a man who went to Israel. And the United States has always been known as the land of milk and honey. They say, ah, ah, the United States land of milk and money. Would you like to talk about it?

The bottom line is that Jews created the U.S.

Answer:See what I can say about what is being said in the statement? A lot of people here in America, they still continue to cry about those 55 guys who are said to have formed a company, country, several hundred years ago. But the fact is that this country was created by Jews. We have come here. 1492, was the worst year when we were driven out of Spain, and Columbus (Columbus), who was Jewish [unclear, perhaps — «find America»] is found to take us here. We were going to settle in Rio, but then we decided to go to New York, because New York weather is a little better and not so many mosquitoes. It was a little better.

So we settled in New York, and we make money.

We have done about 300 billion for Iraq

Question:I was going to ask you, oh, this is a war in Iraq, a lot of Jewish money invested in this war, is not it?

Answer:As you say, we own all the companies producing ammunition, we own all airlines, all the manufacturers of firearms, and all stocks. Oh, we do a lot of money, and George W. Bush — he’s a good goy. He takes the loans directly from the Federal Reserve, and they must tax the people to pay the interest, and the interest is the most important part of the loan. You have to pay interest. We are not concerned himself duty. However, interest shall continue to do.

And we cashed in on Iraq is pretty good so far. We have amassed about 300 billion or so. And, oh yes — this war will continue for another 30 years, George said. We told him to keep quiet, and, and, shut up, and behaved like a big shot. But he went on to say, so.But this war will continue for another 30 years.

We’re going to go to maybe 60 or so countries. We’re going to throw [destroy] all the goyim here soon.Men, women. Women do not want to sit at home and have a family, anyway. They need to make a career. It’s a good, exciting thing for a woman — wear a green suit and go out there and shoot people and that you shoot. It must have them excited.

So we make a lot of money.

Question:You know, it’s very interesting. Yes, Rabbi Finkelstein, very interesting to talk to you, and I’m sure that the audience here at the radio network Turner, listen very carefully, because many things have been disclosed, some more so than others. But, you know, at least, you have come, and you’re telling the truth.

And, you know, you said, we have $ 300 billion tied up in Iraq, with interest, and what is between 1,700 and 3,000 corpses in comparison to how much money you make?

You should periodically thin out the herd

Answer:As you say, but you should periodically thin out the herd. Otherwise, the herd gets too large. If the herd gets too big, they eat up all the resources. Therefore, it is necessary sometimes to thin out the herd. We call this theater, because it’s funny that our two greatest enemies, the white race and the Arab race to to see that the women, it’s fun for us to look at how they are killing each other, and We do a lot of this money.

Believe me, I have a lot of losses in the synagogue in this regard.

Question:Well, in a minute we’ll have a break, and you’re listening to a program of John 8:44, Pastor Bob, entitled false Jews, Turner Radio Network. I James Wikstrom (Wickstrom) pastor and teacher of Yahweh, and as a guest on the program Pastor Bob we have today Rabbi Finkelstein on the east coast of the United States. We’re going to come back to you after this break, just hold your chair and sit on their recent findings place, we’ll be back in just a moment.

I would like to welcome you again in today’s program of Pastor Bob’s called «John 8:44» in the Turner network radio. I James Wikstrom (Wickstrom) and a teacher of the Lord Yahweh, and am now for Bob, and I want to thank him for what he has replaced me last week to show «false Jews».

Really very interesting, and the one who we have today guest — this is no accident, but it now appears, and at least tell the truth about what is happening in the country. This Rabbi Finkelstein from the East Coast of the United States. Rabbi Finkelstein, are you still here?

Answer:I’m here, and remember:never was a Jew in the world’s history, who would have ever told a lie. We always tell the truth.

Question:Yes, I know, I know, that is your truth — what is there for you though — this is for us a lie, but, however, it is normal.

Russian revolution

I would like to understand the situation that occurred many years ago. I know that you are knowledgeable about it. He was named the Bolshevik revolution in Christian Russia. It was described in the documents of the Congress of the United States, and is now in many places, which, in fact, it was the Jews who financed the Bolsheviks — Jewish communist revolution against the king. Would you like to comment?

Answer:As you say, in fact, it was the Rothschild family who financed it, because they have all the shekels. Oh, let me tell you that they have a lot of shekels! When the old man died in 1812, he owned half of all known wealth in the world. Oh, Wei!

The rest of us got a few pieces of the rest. But, anyway, we began with the Bolshevik revolution, because it is better to start with as the largest country in the world that Russia was, and we got help to kill the king of his cousins, Kaiser and the King and Queen of England, and so they helped us, and they gave us all the inside information that we needed to take over the country. But we have exhausted the country pretty well. There’s not much left, so we were looking for greener pastures, and we are doing very well here in America for a long time.

We are going to build China and India, and we just give the U.S. became a desert

But it’s time to do something else, so we are going to build China and India, and we just let America sink into the desert, because America is no longer interested. This is, as you say, there are no more opportunities to amass so many shekels, you know, as they say, you can not get blood from a stone. To squeeze as much blood out of this stone, we’re going to get [fast and unintelligible].

Question:You know what’s interesting, because I’m glad that you raised this issue, because this country is in dire straits. I would like to know that it is quite ushlaya scheme by Kehily [communities, Hagan], and the main sources of Jewish power, financial and political power, so this is how they are in full control of most of the federal agencies in the District of Columbia.

We know how to spread the word to every Jew in the world knew him for 45 minutes

Answer:You see, it’s all pretty simple. You know, Kehila — is something internal to us, the rabbis. We know how to spread the word to every Jew in the world who goes to synagogue, knew him for 45 minutes. All other printing machines, media, television, radio, magazines, everything belongs to us in any way, so that all flows down. But by the time the masses will understand it — it’s too late to take any decision. We have already made the decision for them.

Question:You know what’s interesting, with all the problems on the horizon, glowing in the United States, you know, there’s a lot of white people, white people, as I have European origin, who do not know what’s going on, and there is a large percentage of Jews in the country, who also knows what is happening. They will also become cannon fodder, is not it?

Answer:Hey, there are a few Jews among the masses who do not go to synagogue, but they, they, they know what they have heard at parties, on which we are discussing, you know how we are going to destroy the white race and destroy the other races. In fact, let them kill each other and make for a lot of money — it’s very clever.

We want our own world, and there is nothing that any of the cattle goyim could do to stop us

You know, we, the Jews, we are very smart guys. I know that in fact we have all the other countries around the world. They destroy each other. Because we, the Jews — we are special. We are the chosen people. And we are the most intelligent people in the world, and we have always said, for centuries — we want our own world.

And we receive it, and there’s nothing any of the goy cattle can do to stop us. [Inaudible exclamation that sounded like «Va Jaime»]

Like black fit into this picture?

Question:So you see, you see, it is very interesting that you raise these questions, because where the black ones are built into your system? I know that you use them. They were part of the Jewish Communist Party in the United States, most of the vast majority. Oh, what with all of them will be in the end, when all this is over?

Answer:Well, shvatsery (schwatzers), let it be the truth is known, came here withour father, Lucifer,75,000 years ago, when he lost that battle. Although only temporarily, in the heavens, because we are coming back. We — those returning guys, if they exist at all.

We do a lot of money selling drugs

But still, oh, all shvatsery (schwatzers) — Oh, what can you say? You see, they have a good sense of rhythm, they are well dance a couple of them can sing. They make good barbecue, andthey are good to sell them drugs, because they all love drugs, so we make a lot of money selling drugs.

You know thatWe control all the drugs in the world,and now, since the Rothschild kagda happening in China opium wars, we can control the full range of drugs [the whole phrase is not legible]. We want to see some of them here and there to earn some money, and they will be arrested and they will go to jail for it. But we make a lot of money. We are wholesalers.We are wholesale suppliers of all in the world!

Question:Joe [?], It is very interesting that you you raised this question, because, you know, to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor, his cousin, who was also Jewish, [killed — «they both Jews»], yes both of them were Jews, and that is very interesting is the fact that while they were in office, the Jews had control of the money, but they are not controlled, or had good support in Washington, DC, is not it?

We had control of the United States since the Civil War. Rothschild supported both sides in the Civil War

Answer:No, we have been monitoring since the Civil War. This, of Rothschild, he supported both sides of the civil war, and when the smoke cleared, he received a shekel from both sides, in large numbers, as they will never be able to repay the debts of the war. We really control. Basically, what we did was to consolidate.

I tell you something about the girl Eleanor — she had a face that could stop the clock.

Question:Ha ha, the train!

Answer:And the train too.

Question:So, when we talk about the conditions in this country, Rabbi Finkelstein, people know that their standard of living is now carefully destroyed. It is destroyed by bit, as it is today in large potholes, entire industries and automotive plants closed between 1500 and 3000 at each plant are losing their livelihoods. It’s just a matter of time, right?

All that we want them to do it just to survive, and that they could never afford to buy a house with your own money

Answer:Well, of course, but they had all things in reality, anyway, is the fact that as soon as you stop working for yourself, and start working for someone else, you are slaves of the man. What do you do in fact — it does not pay you the money, but all your hard work, all you do — you give him some income. And when you give him a share of income, you are making it a rich guy — and not yourself.

Thus, all that we want them to do it to earn a living, barely surviving. They could never afford to buy a house for his own money. We should give them a payment plan [for the loan]. Of course, we’re doing them a favor, so we collect a little interest for this service, about three houses for every house we sell them.

But you have to be in business for themselves. If you’re not in business for yourself, then you never have a chance to make money. You will be working until you’re blue, like a slave or serf. You — it’s Slappy (Schlepper).

Question:Rabbi Finkelstein, you are very colorful today, and I am very surprised at how true the way you responded to my questions in the face. Why is it difficult … why Jews feel, or just paranoid, schizophrenic feeling that everything in this country are looking at them, something they want to do and stuff like that?

It is better not to look at us too hard and blaming us because it is anti-Semitism, and we control the judicial system

Answer:It is better not to look at us too hard and blaming us because it is anti-Semitism, and if you do, we’ll catch you on the anti-Semitism, we are in control of the book on your head. Remember that we control the judiciary, all judges — the Jews, the Jews of lawyers, Jews prosecutors, and we wrote most of the laws. Not sure we are, but we pay the goyim in Washington, Democrats and Republicans.

They sit around, and we are forced to write their laws. We tell them what to do and they express it on paper. We actually do not do the work itself.

Question:In fact, two people from opposite sides of the planet, you, Rabbi Finkelstein, and yours truly James Wikstrom (Wickstrom). You know, we’re on two completely opposite sides of the planet, and we both have two different desires and needs and wishes of each other, and yet, here we are sitting here today in a live network radio Turner, talk about people argue that being honest and truthful, and tell the truth to the masses.

But you know, a lot of difficult to believe what everything else.

Passover and the ritual sacrifice of children

Answer:Well, we’ve done a great job of washing their brains over the centuries, and especially in the last few hundred years. We just [inaudible sounds like «our raid to send»] completely. They believe in all that we are saying. And, hey, you know, if I mean [inaudible], we really have fun during Easter, when we steal their children.

And, hey, you know, we are, I know, you know, because I heard it on your program, I mean we steal from one hundred to three hundred thousand children a year just in this country. And we make their blood, and we mix it with bread Easter [matzah], and then throw the bodies into the massacre, which we own, and we grind all the bodies in the stuffing for sausages and burgers. McDonald is one of our favorite shops, and people who eat breakfast, they [inaudible as «eating their own»] children for lunch, and, you know, we Jews, we must do what we do. The most important thing to remember, between you, Pastor Wikstrom (Wickstrom) and me, Rabbi Finkelstein, in New York, that we both have two fathers, and this is why we see the world in two different ways.

Question:And we know about the massive clashes that occur between these two forces, is not it?

Answer:You see, this is what your book says. Our book says that we are going to take over the world!

Question:You see, I look at you.

Answer:And we’re doing a pretty good job right now.

Question:Yes, you did a very good job, but you know, coming pretty serious awakening, and my father, who is not your father, my father, Yahweh, who is not your father, of course, your father, which was told by my father in John 8 44, who said that your father was Satan, and you descendant of Cain, who was the first murderer, and you know it’s true because it’s what you teach in the synagogue.

We can do whatever we want, and we all can be forgiven, then the white — it’s just pants

Answer:Yes, it’s true, but it’s not for you, goyim know. But now it’s too late. It’s all over for the white race. And so I say here is so honest — to make it open for you to see it that way things are.

You taught the people very well. But they do not wake up, do not you? You do not have so many followers, is not it? Because you know why? They are us, the Jews are afraid. Because they do not want to be called anti-Semitic. And they believe that we are the chosen people. And that’s why we can do what we want to do, and we all forgive, because byly people — is pants. And we go to synagogue all the time, and [the next 4-5 words illegible, sound like «there are few people and shove it»] and say: «Hava Nagila.»

We did a very good job with the public school system

Question:You know, it’s interesting, I’ve been telling people for years, not that you Jews were hiding anything. You act just on TV and in the newspapers, on the radio, and you tell people exactly what you’re going to do, even before you do that, and they, like their brain congestion.

Answer:You see, we have done a good job with the public school system. We get to give all your children there. Note that a Jew can not send their children there. They go to a Jewish Academy, where we teach them the real thing, and then they go to the synagogue and taught the really important things.

But we send your children to public school. We even force you to pay taxes on your home, so you will never own your houses. And, therefore, if you do not pay tax on your property, we will select your property. You can bet on it.

And we tell you to send your child to the nurses for twelve years, as this is all that’s going on, because there is nothing you will be taught, and by the time children become teenagers, then we give them music. Not what we really want to call it music, because, oh, wel is not music. But they listen to what they want and do what they want to do, so we sell them drugs.

We do a lot of money for your children. Your children from the cradle to the grave — all we are doing is money to them.You — it’s cattle. You goyim — human cattle mazeltaf (muzzletuff).

Question:You know, it’s interesting, huh. Yes, I know how you call us, but I do, but you know, you can call me a goy, but I call you the devil. But you know, I’ll call you a good name, because that is what you are.

Answer:Yes, it’s true.

Question:Now, you see, Rabbi Finkelstein, in your synagogues, there, in New York, you are a big fight with other Jews, Orthodox Jews, and other Jews. I mean, there, in New York, there is a big fight for the money. I hear now is a big internal war among the Jews.

Answer:Well, we are fighting a bit, and we argue a bit. Of course, the two most important things that we do is complain and get the blame, so that what we do, we really do not fight each other because we’re both going to make a lot of money. It’s just about who will make a little less on the deal, and who is going to do a little more on this deal.

God created the non-Jews, because someone has to pay the retail price

But the result is that we have the Gentiles. Goyim do all the work, the goyim do all things. He sells it to us for a pittance. We — wholesalers, we — the mediators. We cheat frenzied price and sell it to others on the retail side of the goyim. There is an old Yiddish saying that God created the non-Jews, because someone has to pay the retail price. And it certainly will not be a Jew. The Jew does not pay the retail price. This goyim who pay retail price. We buy in bulk.

In the hot dogs and hamburgers — you eat your children

Question:Of course, this is very interesting. I understand that. But I also know about the bloodletting. I know that to your Easter, which is not mine, that many young children disappear, and I know, and I know that many police departments and agencies have been informed. But, you are very open about it saying you are very open today. I am very surprised that you are talking about blood-letting in small children, you lozhite their blood in matzah [Matso] and that you eat it on the victim at the time of the Passover.

Answer:As you say, there is a goy, who wrote a book about it in the 30’s. I do not remember his name at this time. But, in any case, he wrote a book, and people did not buy his book. People do not want to listen. We do it thousands of years, from the time of Adam.

Thus, we take the children of our enemies, ie the white race, and we bring them to the basement synagogue, wherewe make their blood and see how they’re dying. This is similar to how we make the sacrifices that we make with kosher slaughtering,and so we do it. And then we mix it [the blood] of bread Easter, and so we eat the blood of our enemies.

A body — oh — we’re not cannibals. So, what do we do — we take the bodies, because we can make them a few shekels, and we rent them for slaughter, and it turns out pounds and pounds and pounds of meat, which we grind into sausage and burgers, and that’s why we are the most popular things — sausage for breakfast, for lunch — a hamburger, and so all the goyim there eating their children. And even when we’re on the right and talk about it to your people, you do not believe it. So what is your problem.

Question:You know, I have a question, I, I, ha, yes — this is a problem. But you see, I have always wondered — how was it that you Jews took control of the so-called Christian churches in this country? It is always puzzles me to varying degrees, Rabbi Finkelstein. You see, you and your synagogue there, in New York, on the east coast. But I wonder how you could basically get full control of the Christian churches, who once told his congregation to stay away from you, the Jews? How did this happen?

We entered the church, and we attacked them in the first place

Answer:Well, you know,Our father — Lucifer, the most important thing is that all of the organizations that exist in the world, the ones that we would like to sneak in and grab you, goyim, obviously would be the church. Therefore, we attacked them in the first place, and we attacked them most. And we got to the Catholic Church from the beginning. Why do you think pop and all the cardinals and bishops are Yamaki [bale, yarmulke — Jewish religious hat]?

The White race has never been able to figure it out. And so we have all of your books, which contain all the scriptures, and we burned them, and then we wrote it in Latin, so that you can not understand them, but we knew Latin, because we are Jews, and we are smart and we are educated.

But you gentiles out there, you never, you never themselves do not teach. You do not educate themselves. You are always looking for someone else who will do it for you. So, you finally get Schleper (schleppers) for life. And so, at least, a thousand years later, when a bunch of white race began to wake up in Europe, and they started to leave the Catholic Church. It was a terrible time, because we do not do as much shekels, as we used to. Therefore, we had to put an end to this.

Thus, kings, which we had in the back pocket, as politicians in Washington, DC, today, we have paid them to have declared heretics, so they could crucify you and kill you.

Plan «B» — we created the Jesuits to penetrate all the Protestant churches

But you had too much, and the West was opened, when the Jews came to New York and Rio, and everyone began to move to the West, to America. And so we had to come up with a plan «B», and to implement the plan «B», we formed the Jesuits.

He was a good boy who did not know how [inaudible sounds like «slow down» or «lie down on your back.»] In addition, he created the Jesuits, and so they decided to get into all the Protestant churches, and there is always we, the Jews, pushed to the tops. Then we press down under the line itself money line shekels, and the most important line — the line of life, gold, and so we trampled it all for themselves.

And so, slowly but surely, we are training exercises, a bit of change, so it is again controlled by the Catholic Church, the mother church. It’s your mother, but the father of the church — is a synagogue in Israel Synagogue in New York.

Ethiopian Jews — it’s just shvatsery — pay us a few dollars, and we will teach you how to be a Jew

Question:You know, this is the most interesting, most recently, a report, well, a couple of months ago, here, Rabbi Finkelstein, of Ethiopian Jews in Israel. These black Jews. The Jews in Israel do not want them there, and Ethiopian, black Jews said: oh, no, we are Jews, we belong here. So, as this [unintelligible sounds like «people for them»], as these black Jews and Israeli Jews they were not wanted. Are they — were there sort of a shame that it?

Answer:What can I say? Who wants a bunch of shvatserov (schwatzers) on your land? You do not want there to have been shvatsery. There are some rabbis who traveled to Ethiopia (Euphoria), and there they said, oh, we also want to be Jewish. We laughed, and we said, well, pay us a few dollars, and we will teach you how to be a Jew.

So a few rabbis have made money there — in Ethiopia, but every Jew knows that shvatser can never become a Jew. And we do not want them to pollute our areas in Israel. We give them the areas right here in America. We give them a white females for mating, to destroy both of their race, and [some expression in Yiddish sounds like «Gezi Gezel gevelt ha hai»], what can I say?

Elizabeth Taylor — a good goy shiksa, who donated a lot of money synagogue

Question:In other words — it’s like Elizabeth Taylor now. She was a white woman, and even so, she said that she took the path of Judaism. How it fits into this scheme?

Answer:You see, she was married to a nice Jewish boy named Eddie Fisher, and they had a daughter, Kathy Fisher, so she donates a lot of money synagogue. She’s a good goy shiksa (schiksa), and she thinks that she is Jewish. She can think whatever she wants. It is hoped that it will give a lot of money in our synagogue, when she dies, what should happen soon, because it seems it is not in too good health.

Question:Rabbi Finkelstein, we have run out of time. But I would like to understand the issue, because, you know, you and I are at war. The war is actually between the children of the white race — the children of Seth [Seth, Seth], and the children of Cain, that is you, and we know that it was written in Aramaic and in all the ancient texts. You know it as well as I, that only one race will survive on the face of this earth, and you know that it is the white race.

Answer:You see, this is what it says in your book. This book, the Talmud says that we will have our own world, and we’re going to go into space, and we will have war with your father, and we will win this time.

Who takes — is servant to the lender

Question:Well, all this will be the most interesting, but as long as the masses continue to wake up in many ways in this country and white Europe. You know, all the Rothschild banks controlled by white people and perverted [this] nation, but it amazes me how you were able to penetrate the federal agencies such as the FBI and the National Security Agency (NSA), and as you have all of these blockers and defenders in all this.

Answer:Capture the government — is very easy if you bank. Because the government needs to borrow money from the bank. And as soon as they take the money, as it is said, even in your own books, as well as in our own, the one who takes the money as a loan — is a slave to the lender, as well as a government here in America, there are slaves of the Federal Reserve System, which is a bank Rothschild. But some of us, the rest of the Jews, too, are cashing in on this a few shekels.

A policy, which we put at the head — they all take bribes. All of them — it’s a bunch of perverts. They love to drink and they like to take drugs, and they want the queers (fagalo) and do business with the queers. Hey, of course — that’s what they do, and therefore control the government is easy.

The hardest part was to enter the church, because in the past there were a few good preachers, but, over time, we Jews — we are so smart, we are the chosen people, we always penetrate and grab anything and everything, and all that exists today — belongs us and under our control.

Communism Is Jewish?

Question:I would like to ask you this question before we go off the air. We have about two minutes. Question point-blank:

Communism Is Jewish?

Answer:Of course! Karl Marx, Moses Mordecai Levy (Moses Mordechai Levi), who had a pair of grandparents who were Jewish — he was the one who created it, along with Engels. He was another good Jewish boy. And we have organized and fouled him in Russia. It was a great [inaudible as «fill» or «law», «Bill»] goods for sale to the masses.

We tell them, hey, you’re down here. Not if you would like to be equal, that all was well? They thought that they would be able to get up, but we have omitted the rich to their level, and we took all their money, and we control everything, and all of them — it’s a bunch Schleper (schleppers).

And we are cashing in shekels, and we are the masters of the world, and all the Gentiles only human cattle.

Question:You know, I know, Rabbi Finkelstein, I know that all you Jews die. It is written by Yahweh.

I’m glad you were here and told the truth audience. You listen to the program, «John 8:44» on the program Pasteur Bob Fox. I have to replace it.


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