Invisible, feeds on fear

December 5, 2011 1:19

Invisible, feeds on fear

Ghosts live next to people throughout human history. They can be visible, audible, tangible, you can speak in their presence there poltergeystnye phenomenon. Sometimes ghosts so plausible that they can not be distinguished from a living person. But where did they come from? What are they?

 The most common explanation given the nature of ghosts occultists. When a person dies, they say, his soul encased in the astral shell of a thin, invisible to us matter, leaving the mortal remains. For a while, the soul is still in this world, being among people. Then she is released from the shell, it is a pure spirit, and is removed in the "upland heights" (space, parallel world). A "dropped" soul "clothing" still exists in the form of a "zombie". And some of them can live long enough, fueled psihoenergiey people. Fairly strong psihoenergiyu release mediums at seances, so that these "zombies" are able to get in touch with those present in the sessions. And people take the shell for real soul of the dead, while this is not the soul, but only their pale shadows. The proof are the answers of those shadows, almost always false and stupid. And are they to spiritualists solely to profit psihoenergiey. To believe the predictions of empty shells, devoid of soul, it is impossible: the future they do not know. The maximum that shadows can tell, this is some information about the past.

British occultist Charles Leadbeater, who lived at the beginning of the XX century (his book "The Astral Plane" was published in Russia in 1909), argued that some people are able to create their own astral twins (that is, in fact, ghosts). These astral twins continue to live an independent life, "eating" the fear that people give off when they appear. The fact that the human fear — it is the lifeblood for ghosts, long before Leadbeater said the mystics of ancient Greece and India. It is thanks to inspire people's horror, they said, a disembodied can survive tens and even hundreds of years.


This old conjecture seems to find confirmation in studies of modern scholars to explain the origin of the apparitions.

Of the various hypotheses most coherent hypothesis looks Professor AF Okhatrin that by developing known in the physics concepts of ultra-weak interactions, a theory of the hypothetical particle — microleptons. Ohatrin believed that this was one of them and form an invisible entity, or ghosts.

He created the photoelectric device that can capture microlepton radiation and transfer them to the optical band, allowed to look into the shadowy world of other creatures. When someone is in a room painted mental image of a man then the aura of the "donor" separated microlepton cluster (bunch, cluster) that simulates the submitted image and the machine fixed it. This human-like clusters, or thought-form, was able to walk, that is, had the "momentum of their own independent existence."

Experiments were conducted to create thought forms in the laboratory, and Professor A. Chernetsky, but he recorded them with an electrostatic transducer. Similarly, the presence of which confirmed the device could be so mentally destroyed, and the sensor immediately cease their "notice".

All this suggests that the power of human thought patterns and create a more complex plan. Mental impulse to the formation of such difficult images, should be stronger, and that is somewhat different properties. These impulses, leading to the creation of humanoid figures, seen by people are able to play psychics and magicians. Researcher A. David-Neel in his book "The mystics and magicians of Tibet" tells of his encounters with astral entities generated by Tibetan lamas. Sometimes, very rarely, these entities can be created by ordinary people, but it happens unconsciously, often in some stressful situations.


In the 2000s, English photographer taking photos Hartvud critters (critters) — invisible people clots discovered in the 80-ies of XX century Italian Bocconi. These clumps have very different, often grotesque forms, live like clusters Okhatrin professor, quite independent, clearly conscious life. Once in the room where Hartvud led photography exploded lamp scared present. Pictures taken after that revealed more precise contours critters, many of which have grown in size, change shape, become brighter. Photographer first attributed this impact of a lamp, but when he began to organize blasts on purpose, this effect did not work. Eventually Hartvud realized that the impact on critters had no lamp, and a surge of emotion present. According to him, when people are frightened emit certain impulses, or radiation, which may affect the invisible creatures.

Guess Hartvuda curiously Chernetsky consistent with the findings of other researchers involved in the study and photography of the human aura and out of her fluids (and possibly to Microleptons nature). All enthusiasts are unanimous: aura person varies depending on his mood, as well as the nature of their allocated emissions. Research suggests that the most powerful aura Wiz is in times of great excitement or fear. Do not these emissions, necessary to life ghosts, said the ancient mystics and Leadbeater?

Scarecrow TO SURVIVE

Confirmation of this energetic connection between people and ghosts is the phenomenon of domestic poltergeist. Ghosts often accompany it. Sometimes they capture devices: on the film are shown figures, invisible to the naked eye, the recording equipment detects unknown who owned the voice muttering, the sound of footsteps.

The hypothesis that a poltergeist called ghosts, now takes most researchers, and many believe that these "ghosts poltergeystnye" generated by the people — members of unusual events. In the role of "parent" is usually the one of the residents of "bad" apartment or house. Most often it is a child or teenager. As noted, for the generation of strong thought forms (ghosts, astral entities) a person must enter into a particular mental state. Perhaps some teens are into it spontaneously, creating their own astral twins, who are the instigators and poltergeist.

Astral double — quite energetic, strong spirits, almost always have a humanoid form. It is possible that they will inherit some characteristic traits of their "parents", but coarsened and exaggerated. Originating, spirits begin to show signs of a riot, which demand attention, which demonstrate some incredible abilities. These demonstrations pursue only one goal: to frighten. Keep participants poltergeystnyh events in constant fear. Human fear, which has quite a material basis — that is what interests these creatures. Energy substances extracted frightened people, for them is vital. They flung refrigerators, arrange the rooms and showers of fire, break out of the walls of bricks. All of this takes a lot of energy. Sometimes, in order to extract it from the people they have on their direct psychological impact. In these cases, one researcher wrote, "they are squeezed out of people's fear, like water from a sponge." Known expert on anomalous phenomena I. Vinokurov, in his book "Terror" tells how he once spent the night in the apartment covered poltergeist. Feeling very irrational fear never left him all night. At some point, it turned into such a panic that he could not move or even breathe.

Make-up is required only to fear the ghosts who live a relatively long time. Most ghosts appear only once, in order to fulfill some mission among the living. These ghosts usually do not need extra energy and seeing them safe.

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