It has become compressed and runs faster?

October 3, 2012 14:21

Perhaps, many have noticed that the last few years with the passage of time was something wrong. Days and months are flying rapidly, overtaking our capabilities, and we will be less time to make. One would think that day has just begun, and lo and behold, is already over!

Before we "enter" in the third millennium, as the twelve years already ran, and we did not notice. The previous explanation of this phenomenon, which, they say, the older a person becomes, the more flies his life, is irrelevant. Now the rapid flight of time to notice not only the old people and even teenagers and young men! So what was going on with the times?

Day become shorter

In private conversation, one priest, known for a special gift to see the invisible, told impressive information, time started to shrink! Compared to the fact that a hundred or more years ago, the current day is shorter. For real, and not the duration of the calendar, if you take the standard of the old, does not change the time for centuries, modern day last only 18 hours against the previous 24.

It turns out that every day we do not get enough for about 6 hours, and this is why we never have enough time, the days are flying at high speed. Especially noticeable reduction days occurred at the turn of XX and XXI centuries.

One can question the sagacity of the priest and objectivity of its findings. But it turns out, there are other facts that point to the reduction of the time.

On the sacred Mount Athos monks even spend the night in prayer. And at the Athonite elders long ago developed a special prayer rule in a certain period of time they have to read so many prayers, and so every day, strictly by the hour. Before the monks keep up the night to fully implement this "program", and up to the early morning service, they even had a little time to rest. And now, with the same amount of prayer, the elders are not enough nights to have time to finish them!

No less surprising discovery made by the monks of Jerusalem serving in the Holy Land. It turns out that for several years the lamps at the tomb of the Lord burn longer than before. First oil in a large lamp topped up at one and the same time, on the eve of Easter. For the year it is completely burned. But now, for the umpteenth time, before the major Christian holiday is still a lot of oil. It turns out that the time is even ahead of the physical laws of combustion!

Impact on the reduction of days and productivity. In the past, using simple tools, people have time to do much more than we can now. Archpriest Valentin Biryukov says that in the 30 years his father, returning from exile to his family, with a minimum of helpers managed only a week to build a new good house. And in the memories of Boris Shiryaev Solovki camp is an episode as 50 inmates, of which almost half were "goners", built and put into operation a hefty bath in just 22 hours! Armed with the builders were only hand saws and axes. We are now, even with modern electric instruments, with good intentions, can not keep up with the hard workers of the past! And not just because they had become lazy and weak, but because not enough time.

The last times

Some Orthodox people tend to believe that the metamorphosis of time — a clear indication that we are entering

End times and the end of the world only a matter of years or decades. No one can talk about it confidently, but there is a hint in the Gospel: "… For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in various places … then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world until now; and never will. And if those days were shortened, would be saved no flesh: but for the elect those days were shortened "(Matthew 24: 7-22).
On the reduction of days before the end of the world some say the Fathers, for example, the holy myrrh-streaming Neal: "The day will run like an hour, a week, a day, a month, a week and a year, a month …"

The problem of variability of time was considered at the interface of philosophy and theology, the great Russian philosopher Alexei Fedorovich Losev. "Considering the time of his being, as it is given to us in actual experience, we state some fundamental instability inherent in the present time. It's … not homogeneous, compressible, expandable, it is relative and conditional … Since 1914, the time was somehow sealed and leak sooner. Apocalyptic expectations explained precisely thickening time … "

Slowing life

Pondering the problem of reducing the time involuntarily prompted to science fiction of HG Wells. To varying degrees, many of his predictions have come true — for example, about the production of artificial diamonds and creating submersibles to explore the ocean depths. But think uellsovsky story "The newest accelerator."

Professor Gibbern invented wonderful elixir, with which you can change the time for the individual. I drunk the drug hundreds of times accelerates all processes in the body, and he has time for a second to do as much in real life would not have done, and in a few minutes. In this world around seems frozen, and even bees move at a snail's pace.

Clearly, this is a fairy tale, but a fairy tale lie, but it …
In the case of our real-time, we have a kind of reverse effect. For some mysterious reason in the world to slow down the processes of life. We breathe slower, the heart beats less endometriosis longer.

Due to slow down the body we have for every minute of time to make about 25 percent less than the time to the representatives of older generations. Accordingly, the attitude has changed, and the time in our perception of accelerated its pace and flies faster than a quarter.

But this is just a version, which, incidentally, does not explain the example of the icon lamp at the tomb of the Lord. More likely, the time itself, despite its seeming permanence, can "shrink." And what about this thought scientists?

Earth has grown old

Interesting explanation of the variability of time gave a famous physicist, Doctor of Technical Sciences, corresponding member of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences, the late Victor Iozefovich Veinik.

Academician Veinik advanced scientific hypothesis that time, as a natural phenomenon, there is a material carrier — a substance of time, which he called "chronal field." During the experiments, the scientist electronic wrist watches, created by him placed in the experimental setup, could slow down or speed up your move. On the basis of his experiments with the material time Veinik concluded that there is a provisional field of the planet — "hronosfera" managed transition of the past to the future.

Scientists see the flow rate of some processes (he called it the term "hronal") and concluded that in the world the intensity of these processes is reduced — for example, the intensity of the radioactive decay of atomic, nuclear, and chemical reactions.

Of all living beings the highest rate of the organism occurs in newborns. They have all the processes are fast — the kids are growing fast, gaining weight quickly, quickly learn to understand the world … and life around, respectively, it seems very slow. If the child is only two days old, for him one day — that's half of his life! But with age, the rate is reduced many times over. It affects our perception of time — the smaller the intensity of the faster time flies.

For an elderly person of the week begin to flash as fast as in his youth — days.
But that's not all. It turns out that age is not only certain people. Gradually, "decaying" the whole of society and civilization as a whole! Our planet has been steadily declining rate of the processes of life, making the passage of time is accelerated for all life on Earth.

In ancient times, with a high rate of processes, the life on the planet literally boiling — dinosaurs were three-story house, the grass — as the current trees, and the process of radioactive decay of the atom was incredibly intense. The first men also differed gigantism, evidence of this can be found in the Bible: "In that time there were giants on the earth … it is strong, of old men of renown" (Genesis 6:4).

Over time, "rampage" of life more and more weakened, representatives of flora and fauna decreased in size, the world is aging. Now the intensity of all the processes dropped thousands of times, and these days we can even feel the time dilation that occurs before our eyes.

By the way, and now the world is still a place with some high hronalom, for example, the island of Sakhalin. There are like hefty mugs umbrellas, and the grass has the size of bushes. French scientists have tried to put these giants in their own land, but failed. A year later, the transplanted Giants were ordinary, reasonable and unremarkable plants. And a curious scientist traveled from Moscow to Vladivostok with radioactive clocks, and found that the decay rate of the atoms, which is reflected in the course of hours, in different places varies.

Time Compression

The problem of the compression of time and have a keen interest in the direction of the representatives of the occult alternative science — eniology that studies the interaction of energy in nature, society and the universe. Curiously, in this regard the findings resonate with the above prophecies about the end times.
According to MD George Lear, real time in the universe significantly accelerated (and we therefore do not have time for it.) This process began in the mid XX century, when the solar system has entered into an incredibly powerful stream coming from the center of our galaxy and carrying a huge amount of energy and information in many different variations. This had an impact on the psyche of every human being and people's perception of the world.

— On the change of the time there are many theories — says Lear. — The most convincing opinion believe the Soviet scientist, Professor Nikolai Kozyrev, experimentally proved that time — this is energy that resides Universe. And this energy can change the density of the flow. Kozyrev's theory, if the solar system is changing the rotational speed changes automatically and time.

Where more energy, time, "reduced", is compressed.
— Unfortunately, we do not see ourselves as citizens of the planet and treat our common home Earth worse than ever! — Continued Dr. Lear. — The consciousness of modern man artificially narrowed and tied to a specific point in living. He does not feel what is happening to the planet. Hence the lack of responsibility for what he's doing at a particular time. It is sad to admit, but catastrophic events such as tsunamis and typhoons — a consequence of the relationship of people to each other, a terrible charge irrationality of human behavior.

Why terrible tsunami waves hit it to Indonesia and Thailand? I believe that today there is the main sewer of humanity. All that can afford rich perverts — all there is. In the gigantic scale and cheap. That is, this modern Sodom and Gomorrah. Hence the result. And now comes the turn of the U.S. to pay for the fall of spirituality, pride, self-confidence and the desire to rule the world …

But in spite of water disasters, the main threat to humanity lies not present in the water and on fire.
— There is a flow to the earth more and more energy, — said Yuri Lear. — Today, Sun has intensified all kinds of radiation, which many of them have ceased to resist the usual instrumentation study! Spectrum of solar radiation is steadily moving from yellow to white, or the light is heating up. This is the same fire, which in the New Testament apostles and the Savior. If you combine this with the prophecies in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, with a calendar of the ancient Egyptians and the secret, sacred to the Indian calendar mayyakiche book "Popol Vuh" (the bible of the Maya), it becomes clear very soon, we are waiting for the transition to a new state, at other times .

For us, today, that means one thing: Following the call of the ancient prophets, to behave like human beings, not in cattle. Those who do not fit into the system of moral values, there is no place in the future! Humanity is not willing to abide by the laws of the One Whose offspring it is doomed …
Yet in any case, do not despair and give up, anticipating the imminent end of the world! First, the end of all life on Earth in the hands of God, and "the day and hour," no one knows, except the Creator. And secondly, do not think about the fate of the entire planet — let's think more about themselves, their lives and their purpose on earth. After all, responsible for the way you lived your life, it is long or short, and you only have to anyone else.

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