Italy: in the heart of the capital found ancient ruins




The ruins of this temple, built during the first rulers of ancient Rome, Italian archaeologists have discovered in the center of the Italian capital. The skeleton of the historic building, which unsuccessfully sought for many generations of scientists placed at a depth of 6-7 m near the ruins of the temple of Vesta today.

Area architectural structure — 345 square meters. meters. Based on the conducted analyzes of clay used during the construction of the palace was erected in 753 BC. According to legend, it was then that the brothers Romulus and Remus founded the capital of a future empire, according to local press. The palace is located in the ruins built in the later period of the Roman Forum.

The summarized results of the excavations will be presented at the upcoming congress in Florence "living archeology". But preliminary data that were leaked to the press, said the sensational nature of the discoveries of archaeologists.

Scientists argue, for example, they found that the royal palace stood unchanged for almost eight centuries, up to 64 AD, having gone through the Republican era.

Battery News, 16.02.2005 12:45
Source: Morning

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