Ivan Shyla, In our part of the suspect could not learn the explosive case

The Young Ivan Shyla, who served in the Army with the main suspect in the terrorist attack on the subway, 99% sure it was him featured in the video, which shows the investigation.

"We did not have courses on explosive devices", — the "Radio Liberty" activist "Malady Front" Salihorsk Ivan Shyla, who, as it turned out, he served with the main suspect in the attack in the same division in the military section under Lepel. April 20 of these courses was informed by one of the online resources:

"This is nonsense. Perhaps it is peculiar in some parts of the sapper, but we did not and this was not such posts, so for them to train specialists in the explosive case. Nor was such that he was allegedly involved in a brawl. And they write that it lowered in rank — is also true. Pretty soon he was promoted to lance sergeant and above it simply did not raise. I have no idea where it came from this information. "

According to Ivan Shyla, who served in 2009 in their division had more than 40 people. "Many of them are now called in for questioning, including a few times", — says Ivan Shyla, who regularly communicates via the Internet with former comrades in the service, and from them learned that Junior Sergeant K. was arrested as a suspect in the attack. Ivan himself Shiloh is now studying in Poland, and because the interrogations of the case he was not the terrorist act.

I asked Ivan Shyla, and he learned his fellow service K. on the video that appears on the internet as represented by the result of:

"So, 99% of what it is. On the first piece of hard to see, but at the last, when he comes out of the subway after the explosion, there was just him. It is unlikely that someone so to it can look like. "

Reporter"Now, many wonder why a terrorist, planned and carried out the crime, so stupid after behaved. "Lit up" on the video, did not change the clothes, do not went far away, and went to drink vodka. If a terrorist — is really your friend in the service, K., or is it possible to explain some features typical of him? . "

I would not say that he had some special leadership skills to convince people to commit a crime.

"No, I can not. I'm not an expert. For me, the main question is if this is really it — what was his motivation. For example, knowing him, I do not really believe in the motif voiced that he wanted to kill possible more people. After all, he was still a little shy, lack of initiative. Plus, if there is a speech about a certain group of people who are aware that they are doing, if it was a planned event, I would not say that he had some special leadership skills to convince people to commit a crime, the death penalty . But, on the other hand, when I learned that he was arrested, then something told that he could do it. Although it is difficult to say for sure. "

Ivan Shyla remembered his friend in the service that he showed a good knowledge of chemistry, especially in what constitutes certain things. K. Also, by Ivan Shyla, he struck up a conversation about the explosion in Minsk in 2008 on Independence Day. "He asked what I think about it, who would it be and catch criminals." Were it not for the arrest, about the conversation, he would, perhaps, have not mentioned, says Ivan Shyla.

Ivan Shyla knows from the internet that has recently been arrested and father K., who was a watchmaker. Let me remind you, according to official sources, an explosive device, which did not come in Vitebsk in 2005, stuffed with pieces of the clock. Now on the Internet there were reports that the house at 2005 K. was searched — then searched the apartments of all watch the masters of the city. Or heard about it that Ivan Shyla from his fellow service? According to Ivan Shyla, K. either did not talk about his family, or so said that he could not remember.

A day later, on April 21, will have 10 days from the attack. Is it possible that the detainees be charged with, and how many detainees in this case? The press service of the Prosecutor's Office of Belarus on These questions do not answer. Head of Press Service Petr Kiselev:

"I can not say. Give me information, then … More precisely, you do notice that we do not give comments, and members of the investigation team. "



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