Journalist Irina Khalip a month extended house arrest

Khalip under house arrest for nearly a month. Nikita Lihavida consider cassation April 29. Ales Atroschankau in the colony will repair shoes. New defendant Vitaliy Stazharau not going to return to Belarus.

Minsk City extended the measure of restraint for the wife of a former candidate for prezydenat Andrei Sannikov, a journalist Rockets. This is "Radio Liberty" said the mother of the accused Lucyna Belzatskaya:

"We continued her measure — house arrest until May 13. May expect by the time it was over, I do not know. "

Deal Rockets, co-founder of the BCD Paul Sevyarinets, head of election headquarters Statkevich Sergei Martseleva will be treated in Factory court of Minsk. Day of the process has not yet been appointed.

April 18 Minsk Prosecutor's Office has learned that in Minsk City sent another case of involvement in the riots. This case is Dmitry Doronin, Sergey Kazakov, Vladimir Loban, Vladimir Matsukevich, Eugene Secret andOleg Fedorkevichey. What is the district court will hear the case, is not defined.

An activist of the United Civil Party Vitaly Stazharau is also accused of involvement in the riots on December 19. Immediately after the recess on the Square a young man left Belarus. April 18 human rights activist Tatiana Ravyaka of "Spring" activist spoke to on the phone.

"Today I spoke with Vitaly, and he said that in such a situation, of course, will not go home — as long as there are those investigations and the courts."

According to Tatyana Ravyaka, Vitaly Stazharau does not believe that participated in the riots on December 19.

Already sentenced to 4 years in prison spokesman Staff Sannikov Ales Atroschankau ill with influenza in the colony, and now feels better. Already defined than Ales will be engaged in the conclusion. Says his wife Darya Korsak:

"He was recently transferred from the quarantine, it is in the 7th squad. We already know that will repair shoes. "

Nikita had problems after being on "Volodarka" learned about the explosion in the Minsk metro.

Ales Atroschankau tried to appeal the sentence, but in vain — Minsk City upheld the judgment.

Appealed against the verdict and the activist movement "For Freedom" Nikita Lihavid. Mother of the young men said, "Radio Liberty" that the complaint is scheduled for April 29. From the letter of his son's mother realized that Nikita had problems after being on "Volodarka" learned about the explosion in the Minsk metro. Like, trying to deal with it as a member of the opposition. But who exactly is not clear from the letter. Elena asked Lihavid find out a lawyer:

"If she goes to him to ask who it presses on this topic? The administration, inmates, or perhaps it was the interrogation? . "

Nikita Lihavid sentenced to three and a half years maximum security prison.



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