Judge Komar banned condemned human rights Levinau

October 20 late in the Frunze district court of Minsk The trial against the activists of the NGO "Our House" by Olga Karach, Paul Stanevsky, and human rights activists Oleg Borshevsky BHC Paul Levinau. All of them were accused of using foul language, but the verdicts were different.

Two police officers — Major Shakovets and Lt. Kovalevsky — Walked out of the process in the process and memorized phrases testified against social activists, such as those allegedly swearing. Their thin ears recorded the abuse on the opposition and Daniel Serdich street in Minsk, and in the building of the Frunze district police department. Despite the fact that they were confused testimony that made up for their participation protocols were inconsistencies, the judge persistently favored them, not the opposition.

With the exception of one case where a judge Olga Komar sent for revision materials Grodno against activist Paul Stanevsky.

The latter, which was fully convinced of the falsification of the business, such a decision even surprised. Its the 18 activists of "Our House" was taken Tuesday at the Frunze district police allegedly for identification, but differs from the majority in the day, he did not let go;

"The fact that I, unlike others refused to testify, and they began to have pressed the article 17/1 of" hooliganism. "

Absolutely the same situation as in Stanevsky, and evolved during the Vitebsk human rights activist Paul Levinau — the same pair of police witnesses also confusing for the testimony, records did not converge over time, and the same Judge Komar curiously led process. But the result was quite different. Komar has condemned human rights activist to 10 days in jail and not allowed to waive punishment, that he could not find a substitute for the care of his elderly mother, who was left alone in Vitebsk.

Judge Komar known fact that she made the first hard sentence for Square Basil Parfiankou, for what was banned in the European Union and the United States.

Komar ignored the allegations of violations of the rights of Levinau, procedural and human, which he said loudly:

"Is not this torture? Last time I ate at 8:00 am yesterday, the last time I slept too early yesterday. Fifteen day I poppy-seed was not in his mouth. They say the law provides."

The morning of April 19 in the same Frunze district police report was drawn up by Levinau on suspicion of committing an act of terrorism Minsk. Some movements, this document is not received. But he has not been canceled — said human rights activist himself before making an administrative penalty:

"I was on the protocol were not released. Therefore do not exclude the possibility that I now justify the administrative case, and I will go on to serve time on a criminal."

Colleague Levinau chairman of BHC Hulak after sentencing Ms. Komar sadly stated:

"I've seen a lot of illegal sentences, but so ugly I've seen little illegal. This, in my opinion, a mockery of justice and blatant pressure on the human rights activist."

On stringent treatment in Frunze district police said yesterday, and Olga Karach, convicted of the same abuse to a fine of 700,000 rubles. One of the policemen at the station insulted and beat her, said Ms. Karachi

"To me, he spoke two words" bitch "and" schmuck. "Then he started hitting me on the right cheek with all the force and shouted:" What are you, bitch, look at me? "Prior to this, he shouted obscenities that raped me and will pee on me … "

Statements about torture of detainees and the violation of their rights in the department have been ignored by the judges. Like many of their testimony, that it was the police rough foul language, what they cynically accused social activists.

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