June 7 hundreds of Israelis observed spiral UFO (video)

June 8, 2012 7:53

Israelis to his feet by the police and an ambulance UFO.

Hundreds of Israelis called on Thursday evening, June 7 at the police, "first aid" and other emergency services with stories about unidentified flying objects, which they observed after sunset, local broadcast channels.

Eyewitnesses described the UFO as a sphere with a bright light cone trail, which stretched her.

The facility was originally seen in the north of Israel, then the message about him began to come from other parts of the country and the Palestinian territories.

Tenth Israeli TV channel quoted the military who said they were not aware of air operations in the area and suggested that it could be a "rare natural phenomenon."

In turn, the chairman of the Israeli Astronomical Association Yigal Pat-El suggested that the glow in the sky was the result of start-up, may test, a ballistic missile.

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