Kalinkina: Lukashenka's speech is much quieter than it was before

In his message, President Alexander Lukashenko said that "citizens who deliberately destabilizing the situation in the society, should be responsible for spreading rumors." "We need to create conditions so that the provocateurs, fans wreak havoc not find a place for himself."

Commenting on the statements of the country, the chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina said:

"Here in one pile all mixed. Indeed, on the one hand, I fully support Alexander Lukashenko, that those who in our society is trying to hold certain features for which the correct and incorrect Belarusian citizens, and our not ours, or a fifth column third pillar — on actually they must be held accountable. And the fact that we have recently seen on state TV — it's just beyond all limits of decency and behavior in a calm country.

I'm all for the fact that this hysteria has been discontinued. First of all it has to do Lukashenko. By the way, his performance today is much safer than it was before. And if we talk about wanting to step on the independent information and independent media, independent journalists — a traditional attempt Belarusian authorities if the situation worsens. If they expect that there will be some speeches, public dissatisfaction, always start with the threats to independent media. Therefore Lukashenko, with one side, understand the problem, and with On the other hand — is going to act and advise their subordinates to act by the old methods. This does not lead to anything, since we live in a situation of information boom, where censorship is simply impossible. "

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