Kaljakin: it is a cry man who lost his head

So the message evaluates the head of state Alexander Lukashenko chairman of the party "Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin:

"Nothing in particular not in the speech Lukashenko. There is no action, no answers. Cry there. Howl person who is confused and does not know what to do."

According to Lukashenko, increasing external pressure and, they say, if "we will try to tilt, put on his knees and then delete — we will resist." Sergei Kalyakin, commenting on this, said:

"What pressure? What, today someone from buying Belarusian goods? Lee banned other possibilities? Thus, today the officials who do not respect the rights of citizens were denied the right to travel to Europe and to enjoy the rights that citizens have in a democracy. That everything. Which is pressure on Belarus? Well, do not give money, because no longer believe that money can someone back. Which pressure?'s all chatter. "

Commenting on Alexander Lukashenko the fact that too much democracy has led to the tragic events in Minsk, Mr. Kalyakin said:

"Well this is what verbal diarrhea. Moreover democracy to the situation that has developed? With that democracy is the fact that there is no currency in the country, prices rose by almost 1.3 times? What does democracy that reduced salary? Lukashenko said that there is no evidence that the attack leads to politicians or criminals. And then democracy? It is the country's leadership has brought to this difficult situation. Apparently, Lukashenka is not about talking? He did not know any way out of the situation in which today hit Belarus, its economy and the social sphere. So he had to leave the office he has held since he sees no way out of that difficult situation in which he has led the country. That's what he has to say. And do not say that to blame some kind of democracy. "

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