Kaljakin: You must beware of repeating things Mihasevich

The leader of the party "Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin said that he was glad when it's really operational services managed so quickly to find the perpetrators of the terrorist attack in the Minsk metro:

"Although what then sounded around all this leads to some doubt. Wait — we'll see. But that was not the way it was in the its time of Vitebsk business Mihasevich when needed urgently appoint a responsible and sue. I would like it to be a success for our security services. All the more so if they disclosed matters that are 6 years of age have not been disclosed. "

However, the opposition is trying to blame the "dancing on the bones," attempts to solve some problems due to the terrorist attack, Kalyakina not surprised, because it is in the style of the behavior of the Belarusian authorities to:

"Quite the contrary: the government is trying to use this tragedy as a tool to further discharge of psychosis in the community and trying to find an excuse to crack down on political opponents."

Interrogations opposition the case give nothing, because it has nothing to do with these events, I am sure Sergei Kalyakin:

"In my opinion, with the authorities' attempts to shift attention to the search for some enemies among the people and rally the people around him, using this tragedy to switch people's indignation at the opposition, nothing happens. After the tragedy of all socio-economic challenges remain."

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