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April 6, 2012 14:23

This clairvoyant predicted the creator and designer unfortunate "Titanic" in the death of his child on the first flight

One of the most popular and vibrant palmists, fortune tellers and clairvoyants late XIX and early XX centuries was considered William John Warner. But the world remembers it as Keira, which is the abridged version of the English word 'palmistry'. Famous and rich that made him powerful predictor of clients, among them writers, politicians and royals. This clairvoyant predicted the creator and designer unfortunate "Titanic" in the death of his child on the first flight.


William Warner was born in 1866 in the Irish village of Bray, that under the very Dublin. In his veins flowed the blood of the mother French and Greek, which made its appearance southern flavor. Later some historians, based on its origin, gave a woman the title of "Gypsy-tsirkachki" because it was more interesting to readers. But lost his parents in his early youth, Warner moved to London, where he finds a place of working on the stage in the theater. It became clear that the young man has a very lively imagination, he skillfully and beautifully told colleagues the most incredible stories, not forgetting to weave into the story himself.

According to one version of it, as a child he was kidnapped gypsy camp, where he spent several years until it managed to escape. And according to another version, Warner was a descendant of a noble Greek family. That's when Warner first began to call himself Count Hamon Lewis.

Warner further destiny brought a British colony in India. So the young man was in Bombay, where he worked in the port Apollo Bunder. There's a young man met his first guru, some Indian Brahmin, who took Warner along a remote village in Maharashtra, where the future predictor Carey learned the basics of astrology, astronomy, numerology and Chaldean numerology. For special talents have allowed Carey to study the ancient book of wisdom, the pages of which were made of human skin, and the letters on them cast in gold and other precious metals. In this book he studied the art of divination Keir on a person's palm.

Study in India took two years, after which the young man went back to Victorian London and began his career chiropractor. Here Warner introduced himself Jamon Lewis himself, and soon became a frequent visitor to social events and shows. Somewhere in 1890, in one of the most prestigious restaurants in London was killed wealthy businessman. And at the crime scene was a trail of blood killer. Was a clear palm print on the door. And here intervenes Keir. He asked permission from the investigator to examine the handprint. And then confidently tells him, "Follow the palm belongs to the young blond man with gray or blue eyes. Rather, it is a relative of the murdered. "

Naturally this incident soon told all London newspaper. Police also denied this version, but in England talking about the new Nostradamus. So palmist named Carey got the widest and distinguished clientele. Among the visitors to the salon Keira Mark Twain, the actress Sarah Bernhardt, dancer Mata Hari, poet Oscar Wilde, an opera singer and lover of the writer Maupassant Blanche Roosevelt, U.S. President Stephen Grover Cleveland, the Prince of Wales and even the King of England, Edward VII!

High Life

Keir gladly hosted, and he went to wealthy clients, he carefully studied long and hard hand man, and then as long and detailed to make predictions about its future, and death. But the palmist require the client to always evaluate his work, leaving a record of it in his book for guests. Seeing the autograph of the King Edward VII, to shell out even the most prudent visitors to his cabin. A wealthy woman came to Keir even from America. From France came to him herself Mata Hari, which Carey had a very long conversation. Coming out of the palm reader in tears, Mata Hari said: "It will be then, and now I'm happy." I wonder what she was thinking at the time of his execution in 1917?

Not spared Keir and William Pirrie — famous Irish builder and engineer, who took an active part in the construction of the famous "Titanic": "Oh, and you swallowed with this liner." But Mr. Pirrie said Keir did not heed, for until the start of the first and the last flight had a long four years.

By the way, just a year before the departure of the "Titanic" came to Keir known British journalist, a representative of the new wave of journalism, William Stead, who determined the palmist, "would be futile to fight for their lives in the ocean." A year later, William Stead drowned on board along with the other passengers of "Titanic." The journalist did not believe Carey and wrote about it in one of his notes. We can only speculate about the feelings of visiting journalists in his last moments of life.

Deplorable and predicted the ultimate demise Carey and Mark Twain, who wrote about palmistry following: "Keira instantly saw through my character, with offensive and insulting are detailed many of my flaws and bad habits. But I'm going to leave them with you in the future, and therefore no longer be honest with strangers. "

No less sarcastic comments about predictions Carey and Oscar Wilde, a clairvoyant who said: "You have yourself to go into exile." Soon Oscar Wilde was jailed for homosexuality, and then fled with Albion in France, where he died. True, Mark Twain Keir wrongly predicted the death in 1901, but the writer is not in a hurry to die, throwing predictor sarcastic telegram read: "Greetings from the dead. Mark Twain. "

In the 20-ies of XX century Keir foretold the Prince of Wales (Edward VIII), that he renounced the throne and all his royal privileges for his mistress. And ten years later, the king really abdicated, surprising the world to marry the twice divorced American Wallis Simpson.


But the 20-s of the reputation Keir plummeted. It did not help the publication of the book, where the palmist confessed his secret affair with Mata Hari. Like, here he was acting on behalf of British intelligence. And on the instructions of the secret services allegedly visited Carey in 1904 to Russia, where he met with the Russian Tsar Nicholas II. Then there was a meeting with the Irish predictor Grigori Rasputin, who predicted a quick Keir and painful death. Yet public interest in predictions Keira fell.

Only women did not cease his interest in the future. In Paris, then announced some American who offered him a partnership. She was the owner of the publishing. The lady offered to write a book about Keira palmistry and his life. The Irishman, whose financial affairs were singing songs, happily agreed to be a writer. His work is the English-speaking women evaluated in 250 thousand dollars, which at the time seemed inexhaustible fortune. And Keir went to the States, where he believed he still has fans.

And the fans showed up in the face of business, which were not very good financial affairs. Keira with pleasure and hope began to wonder about the business in which the business should invest. Keir royalties set tolerance, and bonuses for successful investment — fierce. But business continued to come to him, remembering his past successes and the exact gift of foresight.

But all at once collapsed when the measured tread of time the financial crisis broke in 1929. All customers Keir broke. And forecaster was forced to go to Hollywood. There palmist moonlighting writing scripts. In the 30 years Carey married a young woman with a Russian name Lena, who married name was being called Countess Lena Hamon. Carey died in October 1936.

By the 20 th of Keir reputation plummeted. It did not help the publication of the book, where the palmist confessed his secret affair with Mata Hari

The fate of this unique palm reader and adventurer still many unsolved mysteries. For years, historians and biographers still be work to do.

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