KGB: Singer attack previously visited the subway to prepare

Artist terrorist attack in the Minsk metro hranametrazh carefully studied the movement of trains and subway security objects, said on April 16 the head of the Information and Public Relations of the KGB of Belarus Alexander Antonovich.

"Law enforcement agencies continue investigations and operational activities criminal case by the explosion at the metro station "October" in Minsk on April 11, "- said Antonovich.

"These are objective and irrefutable evidence of preparation of the blast prime suspect through their reconnaissance routes, places the bombing, security objects underground, hranametrazhu trains and people," — he said.

"All of this preparation had the day before, April 10, from 16:38 to 17.10" — said the representative.

He also said that experts have begun a detailed study of the psychological aspects of the identity of the alleged perpetrators of terrorist acts.

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