KGB: Who told you that these are the most suspicious?

On the Internet and some of the media to give the names of three people alleged suspects in the April 11 attack in the Minsk metro. The KGB and the Prosecutor's Office, however, these data do not comment, and repeated warnings of prosecution for spreading false information.

April 18 names of detainees suspected of terrorism called the Russian resource «Life News» citing informed sources. According to the resource, it is the residents of Vitebsk 25-year-old former classmates Dmitri K. and K. Vlad, as well as 28-year-old Maxim M., who allegedly helped assemble an explosive device. The names of the suspects were immediately replicated on the Internet, at the KGB and the Prosecutor's Office of Belarus again reminded of the responsibility for spreading false information. But whether these false names? Head of the Centre for Information and Public Relations of the KGB Alexander Antonovich replied "Freedom":

"We have not confirmed or denied. Just do not comment on the information that appeared on the Internet. "

From the day of the tragedy was a week for five days as suspects were detained. Why the investigation itself has not informed the public of their names? Alexander Antonovich explained that the two main reasons:

"First of all, in the interest of the investigation, and secondly, to ensure the safety of their families and loved ones, so they were not injured. And in order to do them in any way is not affected. "

According to Alexander Antonovich with the KGB, the public sentiment is now such that it can not be excluded. When asked whether it was true that on April 18 relatives of suspects who live in Vitebsk, unknown people have taken out somewhere, a KGB officer replied:

"I do not know. While the information I have. "

Alexander Antonovich did not say put the detainees already charged in the attack. According to the representative of the KGB, the procedural rules in this matter no different from all the other cases. Head of Communications and Public Relations of the KGB repeated statements by the prosecution that in the dissemination of false information concerning the case of the attack may come under the law.

Meanwhile already there are indications of specific people who personally knew the suspects in the attack. One of these people — well-known activist from Salihorsk Ivan Shyla. The guy told the newspaper "Nasha Niva" that served along with Dimitri K. in the same division.

I remember that he struck up a conversation K. times of explosions in Vitebsk and Minsk on Republic Day.

"I remember that he struck up a conversation K. times of explosions in Vitebsk and Minsk on Republic Day. He asked: Who would that be, or catch the guilty, why should they didand? If I who told about another co-worker that he was involved in the terrorist attack, it would not have believed. And there is something there. Strange guy. But what is it divnasts, not immediately determined. "

Ivan Shyla remembered that his colleague K. showed knowledge of chemistry.

Contact Ivan Shyla on the phone could not — mobile Soligorsk activist turned off.



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