Khalip Sevyarinets Martseleva and will be tried in court Zavodski

Society Factory District Court Of Minsk City Court handed the case of Andrei Sannikov's wife Irina Khalip, a co-founder Paul BCD Sevyarinets and Head of Staff Sergei Statkevich Martseleva. "If you start the process and name of the judge is not notified before Monday, April 18", — said Irina Khalip relatives.

Irina Khalip, Pavel and Sergei Sevyarinets Martseleva accused of organizing activities that breach public order, or participation in them as well. The defendants face up to 3 years imprisonment. Khalip more than two months remanded house arrest, Paul Seviarynets and Sergey Martselev from December 19 in the KGB detention center.


Prisoners area

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