Klaskouski is coming to power certain atsverazenne

Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus-EU relations to take time out and it will not last. He also said that recently stopped criticisms from the European Union concerning the recognition of the presidential election. Thus, they say, "recognized that the elections were TENS and legitimate." According to Lukashenko, now claims the EU to Belarus relate only to the authorities' response to the events of December 19. There will come a time, hoping to Lukashenko, and the Europeans recognize the inconsistency in policy towards Belarus and come with offers of cooperation.

Commenting on these statements, political scientist Alexander Klaskouski said:

"It is felt that for a long time picking up a delicate wording to present a very poor state of relations with Europe to characterize. And so it is said in such a euphemism — "time out." In fact, it was virtually destroyed all that have built up over two years thaw. And now, not because suddenly the Belarusian authorities to reforge and imbued with the ideas of democracy, but because the banal financial and economic factors running out, now comes a sober reflection. Although against the propaganda of the enemies of rhetoric about their plots, but there comes a realization what you need again to build a bridge to the West.

The authorities need to save face. So is the situation so that now the West once again pour ashes on his head, recognizes the futility of the blockade, isolation of Belarus.

And because Russia presses that for every penny she vytryaset soul, and because it must come from the West investments and modern technologies as well as the modernization of this imperative sounded very clearly. Secondly, the authorities need to save face. So is the situation so that now the West once again pour ashes on his head, recognizes the futility of blockade and isolation of Belarus, so to speak, on the conditions of Belarus will cooperate. Of course, the Belarusian authorities do not really want to give, but behind the scenes bargaining begins, and maybe it has already begun. We see some easing to political prisoners. Since there is no place to go, the official Minsk will gradually try again to establish a dialogue with Europe. "

In assessing the overall tone of the message of the President, Mr. Klaskouski noted that is should be compared with the first performances after the explosion in the Minsk metro that were emotional, with coasting on a "fifth column":

"Now these motives, these refrains were heard more from inertia. There comes a certain atsverazenne for power. After the shock of the tragedy is slowly passing away, and in power, the shock passes. And even more taken by the throat these everyday, commonplace problems. Currency exchange offices are still not, the prices are jumping like crazy, urgently needs to raise kanurentazdolnasts economy. So it is necessary to set up and dialogue in society, and sooner or later they will have to make unpopular reforms. A more sober understanding of these realities comes to power, and with a high degree of conditionality can say that it is calmer and more balanced performance. "



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