Kontinental Hockey League is an American broadcast

American sports channel ESPN will broadcast the matches of NHL in the United States and Canada. In the first half of October, ESPN viewers will see five matches of the League. Showing KHL games overseas — is the undoubted success of the European leagues. The main reason for the interest of Americans to become NHL shutout in the NHL, because of which many stars, including the U.S., let's go play in the KHL.

The Head of the Department of TV projects CHL Natalia Tchaikovsky said that on the night of the lockout has received numerous offers from our American colleagues, but so far only EPSN bought the rights.

"Without giving numbers, I can say that during the negotiations the price of our product has increased many times. However, compare it with the proceeds from the show in Europe is not yet possible. In the Old World is our partner for a long time shows European hockey, understand his audience understand the value of TV product and the possible advertising revenue. Therefore, three-year contract with a guaranteed prices show. For the U.S., this exotic product — other clubs and players, other hockey and even more time. Here we can say "zone of risky agriculture."

Earlier, Vice-President, Commercial, Ilya Kochervin reported that revenues from the sale of television rights to foreign buyers at sezon-2012/13 were approximately $ 10 million



— As soon as it became clear that we have with ESPN has a real contract, other broadcasters are truly involved in the negotiating process — to the Canadian and U.S. companies added another American channel — says Tchaikovsky. — The intentions were replaced with concrete proposals figures. The approaches of our counterparties differ. Some people need more matches, some less, one company has a contract until December, and the other — for the entire season, regardless of the length of the lockout. Now we are looking for solutions in order to ensure that all timely exclusive signal. Not to pick up for each partner a unique package of matches, it is also necessary to deliver the image to the Americas, and the satellite's not rubber.


Interest in the CHL is not only the television, but they themselves hockey fans in North America. One of the sports resources asked readers on its website the question — will you watch the matches live in the CHL ESPN. Voting took 1.2 million people, and 83.6% chose the answer: "Yes, as much as possible." Another 10.1% are willing to watch the game closer to the end of the NHL season. Only 6.3% of respondents are not interested in the CHL completely.

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