Kontraperturnye Acoustic Systems

Russian know-how for the connoisseurs of sound space …

AV Vinogradov, while still an active conductor and expert acoustician, turned his attention to feature natural, realistic sound unconventional omnipolyarnyh systems.

After a series of practical experiments, their thoughts and accomplishments he shared with AS Gaidarova, who at the time was the chief designer of the industry and, in addition, was the author of technological development and mass production of the best Soviet loudspeakers

Progressive Alliance of conductor-A.V.Vinogradova expert and designer-scientist Alexander Gaidarova able to create and validate a new principle Kontraperturnyh speakers.

In the mid-90s, the invention was patented in Russia and commercial and industrial developed countries of Europe and in the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea and Australia.

Acoustic Systems Ltd. "Acoustic Institute" are not only sound but also chic and modern design.

The system ANACONDA — are finished with snakeskin

Sitema coral colored mother of pearl

Piano system — veneer, piano finish

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