Korean venture capital funds invest in Russian companies to $ 150 million

Immediately 15 Korean venture companies interested in the Russian market of IT-technologies. Eight of capital to small and medium-sized businesses have presented them with their projects. Each Korean venture fund to invest in his project of interest from 3 million to 10 million dollars, so the amount of projected investment of 45 — 150 million dollars.

August 31 representatives of 15 Korean venture capital funds (led a delegation of representatives of the Korean Agency for Development of IT-companies Jong Man Lee), of which KDB Capital, STIC Investments Inc., L &S Venture Capital and others, visited the park "Strogino". Korean companies have long been interested in the Russian market of IT-technologies, noted at the Department of Science, Industry and Business (DNPiP) in Moscow. They were negotiating with the Fund to promote venture capital investments in small businesses, and then took to the industrial park.

"Every company wants to choose a priority project on the territory of Russia, and to invest in it at least 3 million and not more than $ 10 million — said the representative of the department. — Meeting in the industrial park — just one of many that there could present their projects to small businesses in Moscow. "

Technopark "Strogino" created by the Moscow government and the Ministry of Economic Development, its main task is to support the development teams at a very early stage of development of the project. All work on the commercial promotion of the project carried out by experts, and deal only with startups developing innovative ideas.

Count on the support of Koreans are eight companies that submitted their projects. These are projects in the field of high-tech, but very different in content. For example, the company "Krosistem" developed the software of banks, designed to verify the information on borrowers, identify possible fraud, credit risk prediction. The company «101XP» wants to attract investors gaming applications for social networks. Among the other projects submitted — the service involved the study of the English language, software for financial risk assessment and the state of the investment portfolio, the operator content delivery network.

"The greatest interest was the design of interactive language learning company" Lingvomaniya "- said a leading expert of department on work with residents park" Strogino "Maxim calf. He noted that the management of industrial park talks on the amounts of investment from Korean firms has not led, and still does not know about millions of enclosures that are advertised DNPiP.

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