Korneenko: if there is an atmosphere of fear, that no law can help

In his letter, Alexander Lukashenko said that the next parliamentary elections will be held under the current legislation. Like, do not have time to make changes.

Commenting on this statement, vice-chairman the movement "For Freedom" Viktor Kornienko said:

"The authorities are just deathly afraid of any trends in the electoral processes. And here it is not only in the law. Incidentally, the law — not the worst thing in our environment. At its time won by the opposition and the worst laws. The main thing is there is no normal political atmosphere for the elections, and here the law is not to blame. If there is no freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, if there is such an atmosphere of fear that is created today by the authorities, that no law will not help. "

According to Kornienko, Lukashenko does not want anything to change, because he wants to stay for life with this power. And without the pressure of society, he will not change anything.

"It will affect the very situation the internal state of the opposition. As far as she could agree to develop common their patrabavanni.Tut have great doubt, because today many politicians spoke about his non-participation in the elections, because, they say, nothing will change. Such a boycott, which is scheduled may no one will notice.

It is important to identify common priorities together, we require to improve the electoral process. If this happens, the opposition can count on the support Belarusian citizens . "

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