Kramatorsky heavy engineering plant develops wind power generating direction

The search for alternative sources of energy is currently one of the major problems of our country. One of these sources — the energy of the wind. Significant contribution to the development of alternative energy production makes PJSC "KZTS." The plant operates Ukraine's first industrial site for the assembly of high-rise parts of wind turbines (windmills).


As part of the regional jobs and orders of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych to ensure energy independence, Ukraine has a special program for the development of wind energy. In this case, the Ukrainian legislation to encourage the development of alternative energy sets the requirement for the participants of the market — to gain access to the mechanism of the "green" tariff for renewable power plants should be built with the use of Ukrainian raw materials, equipment and labor.

On how to develop the manufacture of Kramatorsk wind generator installations, the director of PJSC "KZTS" Nicholas Razzhivin.

The development of an entirely new direction for KZTS — wind power — began with the co-operation with the German company "Furlender Vindtehnolodzhi." According to Nikolai Razzhivin, 2 years ago the company bought in Sweden, equipment for the manufacture of sections of towers for wind turbines. In a short time managed to convert shop, perform construction work, laying the foundations to mount the 650 tons of equipment and start producing sections of the towers of wind turbines rated at 2.5 MW.

According to the director, the plant mastered the production of towers for wind turbines. The weight of each of them — 285, and height — 100 meters. The first tower is already installed on the wind fields of the Crimea, Lugansk region. Several wind turbines will be installed in the vicinity of the city — between Kramatorsk and Slavonic. Currently mastered the production capacity of 2.0 MW towers height of 85m.

"In the future, we — the development of a new model of the tower, which the power of 3.0 MW. For this year we plan to produce four towers capacity 2.0 MW. and two 3.0 MW. In September, the vetropolya Kazakhstan will be shipped 4 first set, "- says the director of the company.

The plant does not stop there, now expanding fabrication shop, which will open a portion of the gas cutting with installation of a new gas-cutting machine, it greatly expand the possibilities of PJSC "KZTS" production of component parts for wind turbines — Mykola Razzhivin. — In particular, we carry out machining of the nacelle frame. Gondola — this metal structure weighing about 35 tons at the top of the tower, which houses all the equipment to convert wind energy into electricity. Also machined hub. This unique technology ».

Deputy Director for assembly and welding production of PJSC "KZTS" champions for Sergei said: "At the moment, made 15 towers capacity of 2.5 MW., 3 of them are installed in the Crimea, wind farm OSTANIN, 7 towers shipped and installed in the Luhansk region, on the wind farm Krasnodon.
The order for the production of 22 towers for Kazakhstan to 2MW. The plans by the end of the year to produce 16 towers. In 2014 it is planned to build two towers Sun Kramatorskaya 3 MW. "


Wind power plants — a complex, heavy and expensive construction. Weight gondolas — 95 tons, the weight of the tower, which is attached the whole construction, 285 tons, the height of the tower — 100 meters. Wind turbine itself consists of many components.

Each installation type FL 2500 2.5 MW, produces, depending on the location and strength of the wind between 5 and 8 million kilowatt-hours per year.

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