KRANEKS modernizing production and supplies attachments KOMATSU

Since 2011, the company KRANEKS (Ivanovo region). Implementing the Program to ensure attachments import road-building machinery. A special place in this program are given the implement strategic partner KRANEKS of KOMATSU.

The project for the localization of components for excavators KOMATSU, produced by the Yaroslavl plant KRANEKS, together with technologists KOMATSU has upgraded the production site for the manufacture of buckets and related technological preparation of production. On the site there are special assembly jigs and welding manipulators, as well as embedded ultrasonic welds.

Currently, there is an agreed order to supply 1500 series of buckets for excavators PC 200, PC 240, PC 300 and PC 400. Last week, the first batch of buckets for excavators KOMATSU has been shipped to the Yaroslavl plant.

It goes without saying that, given the knowledge gained in the manufacture buckets for KOMATSU, in the technology of their own buckets KRANEKS were made necessary adjustments.

Thus, KRANEKS, learning step-by-step technology to produce components for the Japanese partners in accordance with the technological standards of quality KOMATSU, continues to continuously raise its overall technological culture and improve the quality of products manufactured under its own brand.

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