Krasavinskaya GT CHP conducted testing equipment with full power 67 MW

March 21, after the reconstruction of the station completed the test, which confirmed that the company can provide power provided for the project.

The emergence of a new modern generation facility to the regional power grid will improve the reliability of the electric-awn-energy modes in the operating area of the Vologda RDU. Significantly improve the quality of electricity supply to consumers of the north and north-east of the Vologda region by reducing the load on the transit of 110 kV network, which provides power flow to the adjacent grid.

Work Krasavinskaya GT CHP will help reduce the risk of disconnecting customers Velikoustyugsky power center — the city of the Great Ustiug Krasavino, Privodino — as a result of technological failures, as well as significantly reduce the loss of power and capacity to supply 110 kV.

Krasavinskaya GT CHP installed capacity of 64 MW located in Krasavino in the north-east of the Vologda region. Construction GT CHP, owned by the state enterprise "Vologdaoblkommunenergo", was conducted by the Czech company PSG InternationaI more than two and a half years — since February 2007. TEP contains three turbine generator unit (TGU) type TBM-T130 manufactured by TURVOMASN SA (Switzerland) installed capacity of 14.4 MW each. TSU equipped with heat recovery boilers, designed for the production of steam. In addition, the station is equipped with one steam turbine generator manufacturing Siemens AG (Germany) installed capacity of 20.8 MW, with steam extraction for district heating.

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