Krasnodar water utility has commissioned new equipment at wastewater treatment plants 17.01.2013

Last month, at treatment facilities number 2 plant sewage treatment facilities, LLC "Krasnodar Vodokanal" (part of the group of companies "ROSVODOKANAL") was established automated system for controlling the supply of air to the aeration system ("OXY-SMART), which allows high precision to maintain optimal oxygen concentration in each aerotenke.Takim, the commissioning of the system will enable the company to increase the efficiency of wastewater entering, maintaining the specified parameters cleaning as well as reduce the cost of electricity.

Due to the fact that the flow of sewage during the day is inconstant, depending on the quantity and quality of incoming waste water, the amount of air fed to the purification system may vary. The new equipment gives the possibility to automatically regulate the flow of air needed for wastewater treatment.
"If the quality of the waste water is deteriorating for some reason, then, accordingly, need more air, — the head of department of sewage treatment facilities, LLC" Krasnodar Vodokanal "Vladimir Balakin — The system keeps track of it using oxygen sensors and controls the flow of air. After all, the quality of the waste water that is discharged into the river Kuban, normalized including indicators such as oxygen. "
Vladimir Balakin also noted that the system of management of air in the aeration tanks beneficial effects on the state of the activated sludge, whose role as wastewater treatment is extremely important.
"It is necessary that at any point in the aeration tank dissolved oxygen content is not less than a certain rate, — he explained. — It is necessary, first, to the activated sludge itself to "breathe", secondly, that it decomposes those compounds which he himself nasorbiroval and thirdly, thus ensuring mixing sludge preventing the formation of deposits that the shortage of

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