Krasnogorsk hydro: completed concreting of the left-bank dam

Concluding 530 cubic meters of concrete separated by specialists of "bridge-builders" of the key events of the left bank of the construction phase of the Krasnogorsk Dam on the river Irtysh — establish on the concrete spillway. By October, a total of monolithic works with wing walls and bridge deck, located above the spillway sections to exceed 55,100 cubic meters.


Ensure the passage of water through the dam is scheduled for early November. In order to guarantee compliance with policy schedule deployed at several locations, as well as, on the initiative of Omsk association, made a number of additional measures.

"In order to meet the target date for the launch of the left bank of the spillway of the dam, it was decided to build an additional earthen bridge downstream — she is ready and provides a link between the left bank and the island part of the waterworks. Currently, under the protection of this temporary embankment we start dismantling the main bridge downstream, — says Alexander Sinibok, chief engineer of the construction of hydroelectric Krasnogorsk. — By the end of October to dismantle the system of dewatering, remove the tongue weighing 2,630 tons for the subsequent flooding of the pit. In addition, perform excavation suhoroynym way totaling 327,000 cubic meters, and backfill the trench for the construction of permanent embankments of 211,000 cubic meters. It's only on the left bank of the dam complex is concentrated 6 units "bridge builders" and 12 subcontractors. Total on-site around the clock hydroelectric involved 767 people, the number of special equipment for the past month and a half has been increased by 2.5 times and is 150 units. "

In August, the forces of SMU-1 NGO "Mostovik" in just one week was made 24 installation of reinforced concrete beams of the superstructure of the bridge, crowns the design of spillway section of the dam. The total weight of non-standard beams made concrete by the Association of Omsk, has exceeded 1,000 tons. Installation was carried out by means of two 100-ton crawler crane. Today conducted work on the device monolithic alignment layer for the subsequent application of a waterproofing coating. The bridge length of 102 meters will provide transportation machinery for the repair and maintenance of waterworks. In October, on the left bank of the dam complex will start installation of test equipment (GSE) — water level sensors, piezometers schelemerov, ground marks. In total, the construction of the dam will be installed 59 units KIA.

Until the end of 2013, teams of SMU-3-7 SMU NGO "Mostovik" to complete the work on the construction of lock chamber in which the navigation of 2014 will be organized by the passage of vessels.

"Construction of the lock chamber made of 82% laid over 18,700 cubic meters of concrete, — says Alexander Sinibok. — Work on the construction of the chamber walls have entered the final, the fifth tier. Parallel to the top of the head is building a gateway — facilities receiving water pressure that will house the main and emergency repairs gates, equipment and water supply systems. On this site installed conduit for draining and filling the lock chamber, being assembled railway tracks for emergency repair of sliding gates. "

A considerable amount of work has been done on the device for the inner road of free movement to all areas of construction. The total length is 9 miles away. The construction of the Krasnogorsk Hydroelectric — part of the program of preparation for the 300th anniversary of Omsk.

Customer: KU Omsk region "Managing customer for the construction of transport facilities and hydraulic structures." General Contractor: NGO "Mostovik".

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