Krasnogorsk hydro: work on schedule

Krasnogorsk waterworks — Build hydropower dam on the river Irtysh. Located near the village of Krasnaya Gorka, Omsk region Omsk region. Waterworks is designed to regulate the water level in the Irtysh River in the city of Omsk.

The first period of the spring flood on the Irtysh River has not affected the pace of construction of hydroelectric Krasnogorsk — work is being done according to schedule. At present, the water level on the Irtysh River in the Omsk up to 2 meters.


Timely delivery of antipavodkovyh activities on site hydroelectric prevented the flooding of pits key installations of the first stage — the left bank spillway and navigation opening the gateway, located on an island site.

"On the final results will be speaking in the first week of June — the water level in the river continues to rise, it is expected that the Irtysh" rise "to the estimated level of 5 meters. The first period of the flood, an ice drift, passed without emergencies, work is being done in normal mode — says chief engineer of the construction of hydroelectric Alexander Sinibok Krasnogorsk. — However, in April, the forces of "bridge-builders" is organized by a mechanized unit, which is on duty around the clock at the site during the weekend and on weekdays at night. At the construction site is always operational duty, regular contact is maintained with the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Hydrometeorological Center of the Omsk region. "

Work on the construction of hydroelectric simultaneously deployed at several sites. Construction phase of the left bank facilities are already taking shape design — construction of spillway dam holds 83%. Experts SMU-1 are the final concreting of the sixth tier spillway sections. Since the beginning of 2013 in the construction of the sections laid over 8,500 cubic meters of concrete. Total volume of concrete is about 46 500 cubic meters. According to Alexander Siniboka remaining 9,000 cubic meters of concrete — the most time-consuming step of:

"Today, the main work on the construction of the left bank spillway concentrated on the construction of conjugating the walls — concrete structures that guide the flow of water directly into the spillway section. Concreting is in small blocks that do not exceed a volume of 200 cubic meters. In order to guarantee the left-bank dam run on time — October 2013 — decided to purchase an additional set of formwork, which will increase the intensity of the concreting of 1.5. Thus, we expect to reduce the period of construction of the dam on the left bank of 1-1.5 months. "

In addition to the concrete work on the left bank of the dam spillway continues installation of inserts, made by the metal "bridge builders" needed for the basic and emergency repairs locks. To install the gates in July is scheduled installation of the gantry crane, crane designed and manufactured by the association. According to the project design spillway sections will crown bridge crossing, a length of 102 meters, necessary for the operation of hydroelectric and providing travel service technician from the left bank to the navigation lock. Special order for the manufacture of non-standard bridge beams length of 17 meters and a weight of 43 tons each performs a factory of concrete NGO "Mostovik". The total order is over 1000 tons. Installation of reinforced concrete beams that will form the basis of the span of the bridge is scheduled for June.

In accordance with the schedule of works on the construction of ship lock — hydraulic structure designed for the passage of vessels from one pond to another. In the center is the gateway chamber to accommodate ships. From the north and south to adjoin the bottom and top of the head, taking the water pressure, which will be installed gates, equipment and water supply systems. Now experts SMU number 3, 7, 12 fully executed work on the foundation for the camera — a total of about 15,000 packed cubic meters of concrete. Work out in the second tier — is reinforcing and concreting of the walls lock chamber with simultaneous installation of equipment — floating eyebolt — devices for the mooring of vessels moving in the special slots together with the water level in the lock chamber.

"In the construction of a gateway in front of us put one task, and it can be done — says Boris Anpilogov, project manager for the construction of hydroelectric Krasnogorsk. — By the new year bring a gateway to the building ready to navigate to the next, in April of 2014, the court went on a new "corridor." This is required in order to proceed with the construction of the right bank of the dam. "

Today, the facility involved 540 experts 'bridge builders' and contractors on a daily basis on hydroelectric employs more than 1,000 people — it's designers, surveyors and land surveyors, industrials.

Customer: KU Omsk region "Managing customer for the construction of transport facilities and hydraulic structures." General contractor: NGO "Mostovik".

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