Krasnokamskiy RMZ launched production of passenger trailers

Krasnokamskiy RMZ began producing trailers for passenger cars.

Cargo trailer AP-500 is a proprietary company. Caravan is a biaxial structure with opening the rear and front sides and can carry up to 500 pounds of cargo. Caravan comes complete with the consumer low awning.

In the production of a trailer used laser cutting technology and high-precision bending metal. Applied to the surface of the trailer polymeric powder coating.
In the near future the company plans to develop specialized trailers for snowmobiles, boats and boats. Dmitry Teplov, director of "Krasnokamskiy repair-mechanical plant", said: "AP-500 is designed for all those who regularly transports goods: the owners of villas and gardens, the people involved in the construction of individual, small business representatives. I note our caravan is one of the budget in its segment, the price — less than 30 thousand rubles. "

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