Krasnoyarsk airport Emelyanovo was introduced in the Exploitation of outpatient lift

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Krasnoyarsk airport "Emelyanovo" continues a program to renovate the airfield apron and technology. Carport Airport added another unit of special equipment — purchased outpatient lift for passengers with disabilities.
 Today, a new technique was first used in the Krasnoyarsk airport — when serving passengers of the airline "Siberia" who flies to Moscow. With ambulifta was carried out on the aircraft landing two passengers kalyasochnikov from Switzerland and their carers. Together with them on this flight was recorded large group of Swiss citizens — only 24 passengers with disabilities and their carers. All of them are returning home to Europe after the festival was held in Krasnoyarsk "Kaleidoscope Theatre," of which they have become.

Service organization and landing at the airport "Emelyanovo" low-mobility passengers were satisfied.

Ambulift PL10/58 designed to carry eight people and is equipped to low mobility of passengers and their accompanying persons. Four outriggers provide stability and security booths, which rises to a height necessary for docking an aircraft. The security system ambulifta exclude the possibility of spontaneous lowering the cab.

Commissioning of ambulifta will help to simplify the boarding of passengers with disabilities.

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