Krasnoyarsk in the Siberian Federal University opened a new dormitory complex

Today in the Siberian Federal University, the official opening of the new complex of hostels.

The complex consists of three 24-storey residences, designed for 1700 seats, and a football field. Enter the three skyscrapers allowed to increase the availability of student housing C68% to 80%. Two of the three residences occupied first-year students, the third will live undergraduates, graduate students and international students. The new football field with artificial turf in the afternoon will offer classes in physical education, and in the evenings to play the students living in nearby hostels.


"Such naturally existing campuses, where everything is in walking distance: academic buildings, dormitories, sports facilities in Russia is very small. Small touches — and the university, in terms of infrastructure development and its results, will be one of the best in the country" ,

In turn, Eugene Vaganov promised that soon the settlers get another mini-market and a medical center. "We plan to build another apartment type hostel with 800 seats on Vavilov Street" — said Evgeny.

For the record

A total of 27 Siberian Federal University dormitories, five of them — the flat-type seats in the 3643 — built after 2007.

The cost of living in the dorms SFU, depending on the degree of comfort and facilities with additional equipment ranges from 600 to 2000 rubles.

We note, in 2013 the calculated standard costs per student living in a dorm is 3900 rubles a month. This figure includes both the costs necessary for routine maintenance and capital component — repairs, replacement of the wear of equipment and so on. Thus, students of SFU, depending on the category of the hostel pay only 15-50% of the regulatory requirements.

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