Krasnoyarsk Krai in Russia created the first single point of monitoring social transport

Krasnoyarsk Krai in Russia created the first single point of monitoring social transport. Special instruments are installed on the ambulance, intercity and school buses.


Every day, students from the village Muzhichkino go to school in the district center Emelyanovo. To a way to stay connected — to the driver at hand is the alarm button — the bus is equipped with GLONASS equipment, and in case of emergency information immediately go to the control center with exact coordinates of the location of the vehicle.

ELENA Trusovo, followed by a school bus (AP Emelyanov): "Were such a situation, the bus broke down last year, and more than once. My duty — the children, the driver of the bus involved. "

Just on the edge of pupils carry about 600 school buses. All are equipped with navigation equipment monitoring. That such an alarming bag — it includes a computer unit GLONASS data transmitter through the mobile network operator and, if necessary, a satellite terminal.

Navigation equipment determines the location of the vehicle and has communication channels information is provided to the control center. In remote locations using satellite links, the main flow of information is transmitted over the network-gsm operator "MegaFon".

ALEXANDER DEVLISHOV, deputy director of LLC "REGIONAL COMMUNICATIONS CENTER": "Experience has shown that megaphone — is the fastest growing company in the region. It has a very good coverage. Plus a good partner who is very flexible and quick to respond to all our requests and demands. "

ROMAN Ushakov, MANAGER PUBLIC RELATIONS Krasnoyarsk branch of OJSC "MegaFon": "Since last July to July of this year, the data traffic in data networks has increased by 12 times, the voice traffic is 1.3 times. This suggests that the dynamics, and that the company "MegaFon" a very strong position in the Krasnoyarsk region. "

By the way, the Krasnoyarsk Territory is now one of the leading places in Russia to introduce high-tech services. Maybe in the year 2015 will be equipped with such equipment even private cars.

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