Krasnoyarsk opened an art studio for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities

In Krasnoyarsk Center for Social Assistance to Families and Children "May Day" presented the art room for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities. This was reported in the press service of the regional ministry of social policy.

This year, regional program "Accessible Environment for Disabled People" in the Center for Social Assistance gained a children's art studio — special easels, tables and chairs, as well as consumables. All this will serve as a creative rehabilitation for children with disabilities.

"Art studio for an institution that works with children — this is a great way to create the conditions for creative rehabilitation of children. There are mixed groups that are engaged and healthy kids, and kids with disabilities. Such joint activities allow children to socialize, "- said the head of department of the disabled and those affected by the radiation of the Ministry of Social Policy Elvira Buryhina edge. 

Tatiana Korneev, Mother Cyril, who visited the art room, said that employment has a beneficial influence on the social rehabilitation of her son: "He has become much more sociable, more attentive to the other children, he began to speak with other people. For us it is very important! Previously, Cyril had a limited view of the world, and now in his drawings, he reflects what he sees. Alignment child changed outlook has become wider. Well, what are the conditions for the development of children's creative abilities, and most importantly — for their communication with their peers. "

The guys who frequent the art studio has participated in the city contest "Snowdrops" and plan in June to participate in the Tsar's opening day, which is held annually in St. Petersburg.

We add the program "Accessible Environment for Disabled People" purchased as a photo studio, sensory room, sewing workshops, equipment rooms adaptive physical education, which set in different social centers in all cities and districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

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