Krasnoyarsk plant insulation materials has opened a new production

Krasnoyarsk plant insulation materials has opened a new production in the industrial park created on the areas of chemical plant (branch of "Krasmash") in the Piedmont section. Material produced will be used as the substrate for floors, tiles, underfloor heating, as well as in the manufacture of pipes for the housing sector.

This is the first production in the industrial park. "When choosing a site for the production we were interested in two criteria: the size and energy. Here in the Intermediate Tank Farm, we were offered the most favorable terms, repaired body established communication. During the three years we plan to recoup the investment. Has already signed agreements with several construction firms" — said the director of the Krasnoyarsk plant of thermal insulating materials Vitaly Kirillov. 

"Industrial Park in Podgorny — a good example of effective cooperation between the private investor and the government. At the end of last year Krasnoyarsk Technopark rented room, renovated. Private investor set up his equipment, and today we are already seeing the finished product. In the near future, we plan to significantly expand the range of new production facilities in the industrial park, "- said the deputy governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Andrew Gnezdilov. 

Assess the possibility of industrial park in the mountainous came as heads of major construction companies in Moscow and Novosibirsk — potential buyers of products of the resident. The next production, placed in the Intermediate Tank Farm, will be a joint project with RUSNANO — LLC "Polikeramoplast" that will produce materials of high molecular weight polyethylene. 



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