Krasnoyarsk road builders have a new special equipment

Ten new cars today have employees boundary road maintenance organization. Keys to the new technology to representatives of the branches "Kraide" presented the Minister of Transport of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Sergey Eremin.


New machinery — grader, two loaders, five combined road machines and two skating rinks — will work on the roads Berezovsky, the Cannes, Boguchan, Taseevskoye, guerrilla areas of the province.

At the ceremony of handing the keys to the Minister of Transport said that today in front of the edge of the road builders is the goal of radical containing not only the boundary line, but the road network of municipalities. "The purchase of new cars — is the next step to improve the quality of the work. Without modern technology and high-speed qualified to solve tasks impossible ", — said Sergey Eremin.

After receiving the keys of the new cars, the drivers have tested the technique in action. It should be noted from the beginning of 2012, "Kraide" purchased 26 units of special equipment. "By the end of the year will go a few more machines," — said Acting Nail head of the company Minahmetov.

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