Krasnoyarsk Territory eighth time in a row the best in the Siberian Federal District on grain yield

Farmers Krasnoyarsk Territory completed the cleaning of grain. As of October 14, removing grain from 999.1 thousand hectares of land that is 100% of the planned volume. As the minister of agriculture and food policy edge Leonid Shorohov, last year on this date was only 95%.

Total harvested in the province of 2 million 657.3 thousand tons of grain, which is higher than last year's result, which means the edge of the eighth time in a row would be the best for this indicator in the SFO. "Yields at the end of harvest obtained at the level of 26.6 c / ha. Last year, on the 14th October, it was 23.9 centners / hectare. Recently Governor Territory Lev Kuznetsov announced the need to shift from the principle of extensive agriculture to intensive, to getting the most out per unit area. worth noting that for the edge of breeders it has become a principle of work ", — said Leonid Shorohov.

The highest grain yield per hectare were:

— in the south — Karatuzskoe, Kuraginskiy and Krasnoturansk areas.

— in the east — Rybinsk, TASEEVSKOYE, Kan and Abansky areas.

— in the west — Sharypovskiy, Uzhur and Nazarovsky areas.

— in the central group — Balahtinskoj, Bolshemurtinsky, Suhobuzimskoe and Emelyanovsky areas.

— in the northern group of the Minister noted the work PIROVSKOE district, far ahead of the rest.

"If we talk in the context of farms, the success of JSC" Nazarovskoye "(53 t / ha), JSC" Iskra "(52.8 t / ha), CJSC" Avangard "(51.6 t / ha), JSC" Solgonskoje "(51.5 centners / ha) GPKK "Karatuzskoe DRSU" (50.7 t / ha), "Fortuna Agro" (50.5 t / ha) are a real role model. And not only in the regional scale, but also in the whole country — said Shorohov. — In November, during a solemn meeting devoted to the Day of workers of agriculture and processing industry, as we are usually in a festive atmosphere to summarize and will honor the best of the best. "

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