KrASZ in January-June 2013 increased production by 7.3% — to 1.62 million units

Ltd. "Production Association" Kremenchug car assembly plant "in January-June 2013 compared with the same period in 2012, increased car production up 7.3%, or 110 units. — Up to 1 620 thousand units. This is stated in Company reports submitted to an executive committee of Kremenchug.


According to the company, the plant operates depending on the supply of spare parts and orders.

In May, the KrASZ resumed SKD assembly of Chinese cars Geely.

Kremenchug car assembly plant (KrASZ, Poltava region). Specializes in the SKD assembly of vehicles, carrying out pre-training, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of vehicles. The company is a group of companies "AIS".

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