KrAZ got a real economic impact on the development of the production system


Savings of 120 million rubles a year were metallurgists Krasnoyarsk aluminum smelter RUSAL from the introduction of a new project "Reducing the time overhaul of cells." The project was developed as part of the production system. Improvement of the production process directly affects the growth of production, better quality, better working conditions.

New ideas are practiced on a specially designed standard plots. One such idea — the creation of an ideal model for the production of aluminum — now being implemented in the 12-m (electrolysis) housing KrAZ. In the "ideal body" experts are introducing a series of technical innovations aimed at increasing productivity, then to replicate the best of them on the smelter and other aluminum smelters, working on the same technology.

"The first results of the" perfect body "allowed us to conclude that, in developing the production system, we will get into an effective whole plant — said the managing director of KrAZ Evgeny Nikitin. — The plant, which operates a modern management system, tools are conveniently located, well-placed equipment that eliminates unnecessary transitions, and loss of time. Our "perfect body" has achieved good results — significantly reduced power consumption, increased production volumes, all electrolytic aluminum body began to give higher grades. Now the best practices of the 12th Corps took up the rest. "

Effective methods of process control and now introduces a reference site in the foundry industry. Casters are working to improve equipment performance and quality of the alloys. For example, if six months ago, casting machine, producing alloys, gave out 8,300 tons a month, thanks to the work on the project, it was possible to increase output up to 9650 tons per month. It is expected that by the end of the year, the unit will produce 11,200 tonnes of metal per month.

In total, all projects aimed at the development of the production system in the factories of RUSAL, the company has brought in the last year of 200 million rubles savings.

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